The 10 Craziest Pool Floats

A Unicorn Bird, Emoji, Disney Character, Ping Pong & More!

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Who is ready for a vacation? If you did not raise your hand or shout “ME!” at your computer (or phone) screen, then you are obviously lying. Everybody is ready for a vacation, and that is a fact.

There are so many reasons to go on a vacation, whether it is to take a much-needed break, experience new adventures, or to simply have fun. As beach people, our favorite vacation destination is Destin & South Walton - collectively known as the Emerald Coast. Yeah, the sugary beaches are pretty cool, floating in the warm water is a dream, and the sunsets are incredible. But do you know what adds to the fun?

Pool floats!

We know what you are thinking – are pool floats really that awesome? Duh! Basking under the summer sun while floating on a fun float is one of the best ways to spend a vacation day. Many of our rental homes and condos have access to freshwater, including private, community, and resort pools. So, when you stay, be sure to bring along your favorite float.

Don’t own a float? No problem. Check out this list of some of the 10 craziest pool floats we have found. From unicorns to tacos to Disney characters, there are plenty of novelty floats that will get you in the vacation mood.

Party Bird Unicorn Island Float

Party Bird Unicorn Float

Shaped like a unicorn with rainbow wings, the giant Party Bird Unicorn Island Float is like floating on a fantasy. It has room to hold up to six people, and also includes a large floor space and seats, built-in cup holder and cooler, and durable handles. Each of these accessories makes it easy to relax and enjoy the sun.

Giant Tears of Joy Emoji Float

Giant Tears of Joy Emoji

This float will have you laughing out loud and make everyone else wish they had an emoji-shaped float! Not only is it Instagram-worthy, its five-foot length ensures enough space for you or a group of little ones. This raft makes floating a blast, whether you take it to the pool or the coastal waves.


Sebastian Pool Float

I’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty, I’ve got whozits and floaties galore! Inspired by the Little Mermaid, this Sebastian float will make you part of our world. A world of unstoppable fun and summer sun. Durable handles ensure easy floating for mermaids and mermen of all ages.

Ping Pong Table Float

Ping Pong Float

Have you ever played ping pong…in a pool? While this floatie is not for you to sit on, it still provides pool goers with more than enough excitement. Complete with paddles, you can challenge your family and friends to a ping pong match. Outdoors. In a pool. Your pool days just got cooler!

Island Oasis Float

A deserted island made for you! This cute float is perfect for those who want some relaxed alone time in their own private paradise. At nearly four-feet wide, it is great for any size pool. Now you can bring your vacation anywhere you go.

Blackjack Table Float

Blackjack Table Float

Usually, playing cards in the water would be a disaster. Talk about soggy cards! But this inflatable blackjack table changes things. With waterproof cards and room enough for six people, you and your friends can enjoy a good game in the summer heat. It also doubles as an individual float when not in use as a card table.

Pizza Float

There is no wrong way to enjoy a pizza, whether you eat it or float on it! Of course, when you use this pizza-shaped float, there is no need to worry about getting a stomach cramp after you get in the water. At six-feet long, this raft is perfect for a lazy day of floating.

$100 Bill Money Float

$100 Bill Money Pool Float

Swimming in money…literally. This float is (almost) as good as having real Benjamins in your pocket. Well, maybe not quite that good, but you will certainly feel rich when you are floating on this pile of money.

Giant Taco Pool Float

Giant Taco Pool Float

Let’s taco bout how awesome this floating treat is. Do you love Mexican food more than anything else in the world? Then this float could be perfect for you. The best part? It does not fall apart in the pool like a real taco would.

Yacht Float

Yacht Float

You do not have to be rich to own a yacht. At over nine-feet long, this inflatable yacht includes a daybed for two, dual drink holders, and a cooler. Grab your honey and spend a romantic day at sea, sipping your favorite tropical drink and enjoying the smooth waves.

This is only a small list of the awesome and unique floaties out there. Do you have pool floats that you like even better than the ones listed here? Book a stay at one of our vacation homes with a private pool or condos with a community pool, and pack your floaties. We cannot wait to see what you bring!