7 Most Engaging Destin Blog Posts of 2018

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Hey, do you “Like" our blog? We hope so. Over the years our Destin & South Walton Blog has become the authority for articles on fun-in-the-sun along our shores. Our posts continually encourage you to visit our little piece of paradise, and help you get the most out of your beach vacation from moment you arrive. Our goal is to keep you close to the shore, and with our Destin beach cam you can take a mental vacation anytime!

To keep you engaged with our beach, we follow a few fun metrics in order to measure the success of our articles. As you may have already guessed, "engagement" is one of the most important metrics. Simply put, engagement happens when you interact with the Ocean Reef Facebook page. The more you click, like, or share a post – the more engaging it’s considered. Hopefully, you are not surprised, because you've been engaging all year long! Without further ado, here are our Most Engaging Destin Blog Posts of 2018:

7 - Can you see Whales in Destin?

Whale in Destin
Surprise, the simple answer to this question is yes! Whales have been spotted here and although a fairly rare occurrence, a giant Humpback Whale was seen just a few hundred yards offshore near Seacrest Beach at the beginning of spring. This post shares their exciting adventure with film footage and information about this special aquatic mammal and other whales found in the gulf. 

6 - 30A Beachfront Homes under $27* Per Person

30A Beachfront Homes
The “Season of Savings” begins November 3rd and lasts until early March, so we heralded this wonderful value to let everyone know about these beachfront rental bargains. The sleeping accommodations in these large homes allow guests to split the rental cost bringing prices down to under $27 per person per night. Some of them go down to less than $16 per night per person.

5 - All the New Flights Coming to Destin

All the New Destin Flights
Although most people come to Destin by car from nearby cities like Atlanta, many more are now able to fly here since new airlines have nonstop flights to the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, less than thirty minutes away. Allegiant Airlines is the latest with the motto “travel is our deal” which is summarized with details on bargains, cities with regular departures and a description of the popular award-winning airport that serves the Destin & South Walton areas.

4 - Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Many of our wonderful vacation rental residences in Sandestin, Miramar Beach and the western end of Scenic 30A border this excellent state beach park. This massive park encompasses 1,643 forested acres that span across from the Emerald Coast Parkway all the way to the beach near Scenic 30A. Towering dunes parallel over three miles of isolated coastline while two rare coastal dune lakes support abundant wildlife nestled beside the interior forest. Besides the enjoyment of the beautiful beach many go there to hike, kayak, paddleboard, fish, sight seeking and unique ecotourism experiences. A ranger video is included in this post!

3 - Why This South Walton Beach Tops Forbes List

Grayton Beach State Park
The beautiful beaches of South Walton have received outstanding accolades of excellence over the years, and one of the latest claims to fame was recently reported in Forbes Magazine. Each year Professor Stephen Leatherman of Florida International University, (aka “Dr. Beach”), conducts an extensive study of over 650 shores from coast to coast. Individual beaches are rated on sand quality and color; natural beauty; cleanliness; water clarity, color, and overall temperature; wildlife, average temperatures and amount of sunny days, vista views along with on-site amenities to determine an overall score.  Grayton Beach State Park that is nestled beside the sugary shore and a forested coastal dune lake was named as the fourth most beautiful in the nation. It also receives esteemed recognition of being a Blue Wave Beach which is the nation’s highest rating for excellence. This article tells all about it!

2 - A Beach in Your Backyard?

Backyard Beach
They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and for those who are not fortunate enough to have access to a beach nearby, it may turn into a necessity. This is certainly the case in the remote southern reaches of Louisiana. Although it may be known as a “sportsman’s paradise” for hunting and fishing, it is not known for its beautiful beaches. The marshy coastline is filled with gators, millions of mosquitoes and oil derricks. Entrepreneur Eric White of tiny Maurepas, Louisiana decided to do something about it and started a company to create a “backyard beach.”  Such beach pond paradises which are now limited to southern Louisiana until possible expansion include pool liners, water pumps, sand, decks, and patios. They start out priced at $20,000.  It’s not the real thing, but it is an unusual mini-alternative!   

1 - Ocean vs. Gulf

Ocean Vs Gulf
For those who have never been to one or the other or both, this is a great overall description of each. This post shows how they compare and contrast one another. Of course, Ocean Reef Resorts guests already have picked their favorite as an awesome “beach” home away from home. The most significant differences are related to the sand, the water, and its temperatures. Of course, such things are always subjective. If you prefer a beige beach and moody grayish green cold water then the ocean is for you. However, if you would rather enjoy a sugary white powdery beach beside warm glowing emerald toned waters then welcome to the glorious gulf!  Interesting information and details are provided for each one.

So get "engaged" one more time with one of these top posts of 2018, or come visit us in person to experiences these adventures first hand!