7 Silly Things You Do On A Beach Vacation

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Admit it - there are some silly things YOU only do when you’re on a beach vacation. In fact, it’s all part of the fun! How many of these can you say you’ve done - and might not have done if you weren’t by the shore?

Going Out in Your Swimsuit

Where are you going dressed like that? Sure you may not have a need to wear a swimsuit often back home, but does that mean you should go to a restaurant or grocery store in your board shorts or bikini? Luckily by the beach you don’t have to worry about a dress code, but we don’t imagine you’d be seen out in public back home covered in sand.

Neck Deep Destin

Get Neck-Deep in the Sand

Speaking of covered in sand… this isn’t really all that silly. In fact, if you’ve never done it – you probably should! However when you planned your trip to the beach, was this on your to-do list? Probably not, but one things is for sure – office attire is not required.

Airbrushed T-Shirt

Wear An Airbrushed T-Shirt

Now back to what you are wearing. An airbrushed t-shirt? There are shops all along the coast offering one-of-a-kind t-shirts that you will never wear again. (Unless you really want to show off your love of dolphins.) But hey, it’s a fun and affordable souvenir!

Photograph Everything

Photograph Everything

We love social media too and there are plenty of stunning locales to capture epic photos, but do you really need to photograph everything? When you get home are you going to scroll through hundreds of pictures of sidewalks, fences, food and flowers - all whilst reminiscing about your beach vacation?

Salt Water Taffy

Eat Salt Water Taffy

A long time ago, 136 years to be exact, this sweet treat was created along the coast in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Here in Destin we are a long way from there - yet everywhere you look there are beach shops offering this soft and chewy treat. Is it refreshing after a fun day at the beach? We don’t think so.

Crabbing in Destin

Go Crabbing

Now this is fun! Get some nets, buckets, and flashlights – and head out after dark. You’ll race around trying to grab “Ghost” crabs and have a laugh or two. We imagine you may want do this back home, but unless you are on the coast – this silly thing has to be done on your beach vacation.

Beach Scooter

Rent a Scooter

We don’t blame you. We love feeling the warm salty breeze in our hair and riding around on a very small open-air vehicle may be the best way to do it. However, we imagine very few people opt for this mode of transportation for their daily commute.

Well that’s our list. Now it’s time to reserve your next Destin beach vacation so you can have lots of fun and be a little silly. See you soon!