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Special events with family and friends create warm wonderful memories that last a lifetime!  These events include fun filled summer vacations, romantic fall or winter getaways, and exciting Spring Breaks. They also include weddings, honeymoons, hallmark birthdays, family or college reunions, and even business gatherings. In order to make these visits even more memorable, it is especially nice to claim that special “second home”, as a unique place to enjoy your time at the beach.

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Ocean Reef Resorts is proud to offer one of the largest selections available of private, beautifully appointed beach homes available along The Gulf Coast. With over two hundred vacation homes to choose from, your selections are unique and varied. This provides guests with the opportunity to select the perfect beach house to customize and accommodate all of your vacation needs. Home designs include all styles ranging from old fashioned Victorians to sleek contemporary family compounds, and from cozy, charming Florida cottages to multi-million dollar, Luxury homes! The homes are also located in many different settings from exciting Destin to the laid-back Beaches of South Walton and even Panama City Beach. Rental homes are available in special neighborhoods, exclusive gated luxury communities and Resorts. Some properties are nestled next to world class golf courses, in special villages with restaurants and shopping nearby, or right on the Beach. The world is your oyster as far as choice is concerned with the pearl being that it is more economical than getting a single room at a local hotel if you have a group!

In Season (from Memorial Day until Labor Day) hotel accommodations along the Gulf Coast range from $100 to $300 and up per night for an economy motel. You are paying of course for only ONE basic room with a bed or two in it. You're lucky if it includes a small sofa, microwave oven or an expensive mini bar. Your cost range for one of these generic type rooms go from $700 to $2,100 per week for seven nights. This is a minimum since you end up paying for as many rooms as you may need to accommodate everyone and you pay for ALL of your meals out at local restaurants.

Compare this with getting your own private beach house for a week with Ocean Reef Resorts. Two bedroom homes with private baths start at about $1,000 per week. Divide this by seven nights and you are at $143 per night. If another member of your family or a close friend splits the cost, you are each paying only $72 per night. That is less than the cost of even the most basic motel! A three bedroom home starts at around $1900 per week or $271 per night divided by three couples or people comes to about $90 per night. Remember too that these are the peak summer rates. Starting in mid August thru fall, rates are about one third less. Winter rates are almost half off. This cost savings does not even include the huge savings for those meals when you decide to “eat in” whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner on any given day. How wonderful it is to have this inexpensive option, especially for planning a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or a trip to the beach.

Besides the big savings, when your family and friends split the cost for a single family private residence, you are receiving much more in return. This special place is a beautifully appointed beach house with lots of living space for privacy and leisure along with the full kitchen. Select rental homes come with outside grills for the family cookout or BBQ. There is also additional sleeping accommodations besides the bedrooms, many have extra bunk beds and pull out couches for the kids.

The variety of choices at Ocean Reef is astounding, including one bedroom cottages to up to ten bedroom mansions. You may custom select the exact style, location and size of property you desire since our website has multiple photos and full descriptions of each.  If you need additional assistance Ocean Reef has well trained reservation agents to assist. Renting a private beach house instead of a hotel room has become very popular, not only for cost savings but especially for the lifestyle memories that are created with each visit. Many families come back to the same special place year after year and our properties literally serve as a wonderful home away from home!