Floating Tiki Bar Cruise in Destin

A unique perspective of Destin from the water.

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Floating Tiki Bar Cruise Destin

Destin and the Emerald Coast are known for having the most beautiful beaches in the world, but what many locals will tell you is that it's really all about the gorgeous jewel-toned water that surrounds this sugary shore. Now you too can experience this part awe-inspiring part of nature and enjoy a wonderful sparkling playground on a Tiki Bar that actually floats! Besides enjoying your favorite tropical drinks, wine, or cold beer, you can cruise around on this very unique cocktail vessel.

Two brothers, Ian and Sean Blaise created this new one of a kind adventure. They used to live in South Florida before moving back to Destin and got the idea in Key West. A unique company named Cruisin' Tiki has a franchise business there, which has really caught on. Ian and his brother Sean thought Destin would be a perfect place for a floating Tiki Bar due to the luminescent serene jeweled waters here. Destin Crusin' Tiki began this exotic venture last year, and it has quickly become a successful endeavor.

Tiki Family Cruise DestinThey describe the Tiki Cruise as a "really relaxing atmosphere" that allows partying passengers "a different perspective of looking at beautiful Destin from the water." Sean had his own private charter business in Key West that provided historical tours of the keys before he discovered this business.  

The motorized floating Tiki Bar is ten-sided with a thatched tiki hut in the middle surrounded by a bar with stools for seating. This is a BYOB affair, so passengers may bring whatever they want to drink while the licensed captain motors you around the marina and part of the bay. They provide a big Yeti Cooler with plenty of ice and a Bluetooth Stereo Sound System. You may also bring along snacks for your group like fried chicken, sandwiches, and other goodies. They drop anchor at different spots, and there is a ladder that allows you to easily get down into the water to have a refreshing swim.

A favorite destination is at Crab Island where lots of beautiful people frolic together on their boats all summer long. This is located on the bay side of the bridge that connects Destin to Okaloosa Island's National Seashore.  

Oddly enough, Crab Island isn't really an island at all since it is now underwater, but years ago it was an island of sorts, albeit that of the "sand bar" variety. Locals used to go there to catch crabs during low tide which gave the name. It's also a fantastic place to watch sunsets over the bay during the summer. Water levels changed and today it often resembles a floating boat party starting in April until early autumn.During the summer and on popular holiday weekends you can see over 200 boats anchored there from the Destin Bridge engaging in a giant water party fest. The water depth ranges from knee high to below your shoulders for the most part, which makes it the perfect place to splash around and play. Passengers' or rather party participants arrive on maritime vessels of all kinds. They range from big luxury yachts to small fishing boats and everything in-between. Many visitors join in by renting pontoon boats at the nearby Destin's Harborwalk Village where Ocean Reef guests receive special discounts - however you won't find anyone else floating around on a Tiki Bar!

The Crusin' Destin Tiki Bar has a variety of cruises available. They are located at 302 Harbor Boulevard in Destin which is situated next to Landshark's Pizza Company and Red Door Saloon. The famous Boathouse Restaurant is down on the docks. The Crab Island excursion is a three-hour adventure that starts at the marina, slowly sails past Harborwalk Village and then heads under the Destin Bridge over to Crab Island on the bayside.  The looks on people's faces and the smiles you receive when you cruise by the docks are priceless! This adventure is $74.95 per person.  

A Sunset Tiki Bar cruise costs $59 per person and this is a truly heavenly experience. The sun sets in majestic fashion right over the bay waters throughout the late spring until late summer. Your photo shots will be truly spectacular!

Destin Harbor Fireworks
A Harbor Lights Tiki Bar cruise also costs $59 per person and the lights of Harborwalk Village, the towering Emerald Grande and Holiday Isle are quite dazzling. Harborwalk Village features fabulous fireworks on Thursday nights all summer long with extra impressive pyrotechnic displays on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. This is an unforgettable experience, especially if you are with good friends on a floating Tiki Bar watching the exciting display above while enjoying favorite drinks down below.

A special Harbor Sightseeing Cruise that lasts 1.5 hours is also available for only $49 per person.

Reservations may be made for any of these Tiki Bar cruises by phone at 850-200-0573.  

Ocean Reef Resorts has many wonderful Destin vacation rentals available for all the rest of your fun nearby at places like Holiday Isle. Enjoy your Tiki Bar adventure!