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With 450 vacation rentals along the Emerald Coast in DestinSouth Walton and Panama City Beach, it goes without saying that here at Ocean Reef, each year we have tens of thousands of guests. What may not be a surprise is that these valued visitors don’t always remember to bring everything home with them. Fortunately we have a dedicated department that retrieves these misplaced items and connects them with their rightful owners.

Lost & Found Clothes

One in four lost and found submissions are for clothing. More times than not, it’s the new clothes they’ve just purchased here at the beach and forgot to take home. With Silvers Sands, one of the largest outlet malls in the country being located in Miramar Beach, we get to send tons of great new clothes with the tags still attached to their forgetful owners.

Can you guess the next most common items left behind? Chances are you said electronics – and you are right! Our team collects a large amount of electronic devices including cell phones and cameras (as well as their chargers) and sends them home to the hands that are missing them.

Lost & Found Jewelry

The third most popular lost and found category is hair styling tools and beauty supplies.These include hairdryers, curling irons, and straighteners as well as makeup. Because we know you’ll want to look good and show off that new tan when you get home.

Although it only accounts for 4% of our lost and found claims, jewelry is clearly the most expensive items left behind. The priciest pieces retrieved for their owners include solid gold Rolex watches and diamond engagement rings.

Speaking of engagements, the most unusual lost and found item recovered this year was a designer bridesmaid dress. To make it even more complicated, the wedding was the same day they departed! Our team collected the dress and arranged to stay after hours so the distraught bridesmaid could retrieve it, and day was saved!

Welcome Home

Next time you are in one of our Destin Vacation Rentals or if you are staying anywhere along the Emerald Coast, double check and make sure you’ve packed everything for your trip home. However, if you do forget something just know we are here to help.