Iconic 30A Images by Gray Malin

World famous fine art photographer captures 30A!

Posted on 9/7/2021

It's no secret that the beaches of Northwest Florida possess an intrinsic beauty that draws visitors from around the world. From your everyday vacationer to popular artists to professional photographers, people flock to this gorgeous stretch of the coast year-round. This includes the one and only Gray Malin, a Los Angeles-based photographer who specializes in fine art and aerial photography.

Gray Malin 30A Photos

In addition to photographing remote locations around the world, Malin has also taken amazing shots of our stunning 30A beaches. Each of Malin's 30A beach photos is part of his À la Plage series, which means "to the beach." Photos for this series were taken from a doorless helicopter! The collection features images of beaches from around the globe, including picture-perfect paradise locations in the US, Brazil, Australia, and more.

Check out these iconic 30A images by Gray Malin. Once you see his incredible photos, you'll be itching to plan your next Gulf Coast vacation!

WaterColor Beach Club, 30A Florida

WaterColor Beach Club Gray Malin

This amazing shot captures everything there is to love about WaterColor Beach on Scenic Highway 30A—from the sandy shore to coastal sand dunes to local tropical flora to three of the six pools at the popular WaterColor Resort. The refreshing blue pools perfectly complement the turquoise waves of the Gulf. A beach walkover connects the club to the pristine shores. Two neat rows of beach chairs and sun umbrellas invite happy beachgoers to take a front-row seat to enjoy the best views mother nature has to offer.

Seaside Beach, 30A Florida

Seaside Beach Gray Malin

Complete with the emerald waves, white beach, and iconic Coleman Beach Pavilion, this image encapsulates the essence of Seaside on 30A, which also served as the setting for the Truman Show back in 1998. The pavilion, like the others in Seaside, serves as a gathering place for beachgoers and an entrance to the world-famous beach. Designed by David Coleman, the pavilion enhances the relaxed feel of the beach and neighborly, old-world community of Seaside.

Seaside, Florida

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Blue and White Striped Umbrellas, Seagrove Beach, 30A Florida

Seagrove Beach Gray Malin

This great shot from Malin accurately depicts a typical day on a 30A beach—relaxing under the sun and taking a refreshing dip in those crystal-clear waves! The blue-and-white sun umbrellas are also a 30A staple. Located to the east of Seaside, Seagrove Beach is a laidback community with a taste for fun and adventure. Its convenient access to the snow-white beaches allows locals and visitors to take advantage of this little slice of tropical heaven.

WaterSound Beach Pool, 30A Florida

WaterSounds Gray Malin

Lounging by the beach isn't the only way to have a good time when on a beach vacay, and this amazing Malin image of the Watersound Beach Pool proves it! Set among Northwest Florida's native coastal flora, the Watersound Beach Pool couldn't be in a better location. With its palm-studded sundeck, curvy-shaped pool, lounge chairs, and sun umbrellas, this pool is the ideal spot to soak up the sun while in Watersound.

Caliza Pool, Alys Beach, 30A Florida

Alys Beach Gray Malin

Alys Beach is known for its elegant architecture that merges seamlessly with the coastal environment. This elegance extends to the Caliza Pool, captured in this photo by Malin. The oval-shaped pool is surrounded by white lounge chairs and green umbrellas reminiscent of tropical plant life. Upon entering the tropical oasis, visitors are transported to a place where time moves slowly and worries all but disappear. 

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Teal Umbrella Beach Club, Rosemary Beach, 30A Florida

Rosemary Beach Gray Malin

A wave of teal-and-white umbrellas mirrors the crystal-blue waves of the coast in this iconic 30A photo in Rosemary Beach. While the beach chairs and umbrellas huddle together, watching the water, two beachgoers stroll along the soft white sands as smooth swells roll in. This is what South Walton is all about—taking peaceful beach strolls, enjoying picturesque views, and savoring every beautiful moment.

Ready to get on the next available flight and jet off to the beach? These images can do that to a person! Now that you've seen Gray Malin's stunning photos of Scenic Highway 30A, why not come visit in person? While photos can capture much of the beauty and soul of this gorgeous coast, they can't quite convey what it's like to feel the touch of light breezes, smell the salty air, or laugh as the soft sand tickles your toes. Book your 30A vacation with us and enjoy all the best that this heavenly oasis has to offer!

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