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Posted on 6/27/2014

Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals & Real Estate is pleased to be able to offer our guests a bountiful array of fine private vacation rentals along Scenic 30A in South Walton, one of the nation's most beautiful highways. This spectacularly picturesque two lane road meanders along the forested shores of the gorgeous jewel toned gulf waters. This part of the Emerald Coast shares a fabulous double distinction. First of all the state has selected this route as one of a favored few of "Florida Scenic Highways" due to its natural beauty. Secondly, this gorgeous route travels beside a shoreline that is designated as a "Blue Wave Beach". This award is the nation's highest honor for the acknowledgment of pristine cleanliness and beauty.

If you travel about half way down Scenic 30A you come into the delightful gulf side community of Seaside. This now world renowned destination was first established or "founded" in 1982. At that time it instantly won architectural accolades internationally for the pre-planned commercial and residential pedestrian design. It was one of the first of its kind heralding the arrival of what is called New Urbanism in community planning. Here "everything old is new again" since Seaside was deliberately designed to create a wonderful idealized vision of a small Americana styled town on the beach. The key to its warm ambiance is the creation of pure nostalgia in design by embracing a perceived simpler time of small town living from the early 20th century. There is a town green surrounded by quaint shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants. The vintage architecture of the residences here ranges from Southern Antebellum styles to early 1900s "Old Florida" design and everything is within easy walking distance or a short bicycle ride away. The white picket fenced town of Seaside covers only eighty acres of land and sits beside a crystalline white sand dune that overlooks the luminescent waters of the glistening gulf. This place looks so idyllic that the locale was used as a movie's site location to film the award winning social satire called "The Truman Show" in 1998 which featured a "picture perfect community."

Seaside's town green added a row of Airstream Trailer food trucks along Scenic 30A in recent years which completes the small town experience. It provides another type of the wonderful nostalgia that hearkens to yesteryear in the present moment for many South Walton visitors. This ensemble currently has five vendors of proclaimed gourmet food fare and all of them operate out of a classic Airstream Trailer. The trailers themselves are somewhat iconic since the shiny all aluminum, sausage shaped exteriors are so distinctive and were seen on America's highways and bi-ways for many years. Their "modern" distinctive design was created in 1936 by Hawley Bowles who happened to have been the chief designer of Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" aircraft which was the first plane to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean back in 1927. They became a very popular mode of American vacation transportation from the 1940s thru the 1960s. The Airstream Trailers sit side by side at this unusual Seaside "food court" that is just a short distance from the beach. Each has outdoor seating café style with funky retro styled metal chairs and tables. However many patrons like to take their snack, sandwich or tasty drink with them to enjoy them on the town green or at one of the gazebos that looks down along the shore.

One of the most popular among them is called The Meltdown on 30A. This eatery specializes in a variety of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. These big tasty sandwiches are unlike those that Mom used to make when we were kids. Some come on Texas Toast and you have a great choice of tasty variations. Besides classic Cheddar, other selections include cheeses like Brie, Mozzarella, Provolone, Gouda, Gruyere, and Goat! Many are combos that can include smoked turkey, ham, bacon, or prosciutto. One of their popular sandwiches has brie and bacon that is served on cranberry walnut bread.   Others are made with mushrooms, avocado, tomato, arugula, or basil.

Another choice on Airstream Row is Barefoot Barbeque which is aptly named since many take their tasty sandwiches down to the beach to eat them. Their ultimate sandwiches come with a homemade signature sauce and the meat has a delicious smoky flavor. Even though old style barbeque is their specialty, they pride themselves on 21st century tastes since none of the beef they use contains antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

In case you are more in the mood for a hotdog, you might try out Wild Bill's Beach Dogs which is nearby. Wild Bill's delicious dogs also do not contain antibiotics or hormones, nor gluten, nitrates, filler, or junk. They can include your choice of tasty toppings like chili, hot peppers, raw or grilled onions and sliced Kosher pickles.

Another nod toward 21st century sense and sensibilities is mirrored by Raw & Juicy which bills itself as an "Organic Juice Bar & Café." This is the kind of place you might find in some hip part of California since even their fruit smoothies are organic. They also feature healthy beach snacks and fresh delicious salads made from mostly locally grown produce.
On a hot summer day, you should definitely go by "Frost Bites" which is also located in the row of Airstreams in Seaside. They offer the perfect remedy for cooling off and giving your taste buds a thrill at the same time. Offerings include shaved ice Hawaiian style which uses a variety tropical juices for their flavoring as well as thick, creamy homemade frozen custard. The nostalgic part of you in this delightful and exceedingly old fashioned town may be the simple pleasure of getting a tall glass of fresh squeezed, homemade lemonade!

Ocean Reef Resorts offers a wide selection of fine, distinctive, privately owned vacation rentals in South Walton from Miramar Beach all the way down Scenic 30A to Inlet Beach. These come in all sizes including everything from beach side compounds for fun family reunions to quaint and cozy cottages for a special romantic rendezvous. Take time to check out our website which will list all of your selections along with seasonal rates, multiple photos, property descriptions, amenities, and calendar availability.

During your vacation stay, we hope you will enjoy the warm memories of yesteryear today as you create more happy memories for tomorrow!

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