South Walton Abstract Artist Brendan Parker

Abstract paintings that are unique, dynamic, and expressive.

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Anni Albers said it best when she said, "Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness."

There is no doubt that creativity is something celebrated along the Emerald Coast and Scenic Highway 30A in South Walton. After all, this paradise oasis is home to an astounding number of art galleries by local artists. With endless inspiration from the beautiful beaches, emerald waves, and coastal sunsets, how could there not be? The scenery speaks not only to artists and creatives but to each and every soul that visits!

Artists on this stretch of coastline certainly take advantage of the beautiful setting and the area's incredible art community. They tap into their experiences and their opportunities to create work that they cherish and that others love. These creatives work with every type of medium, from painting to sculpting to photography, and share their passion, inspiration, and insight through their artwork. Some artists have an eclectic touch, while others boast a more contemporary style. No matter what, locals and visitors can easily find an artist whose artwork speaks to him or her individually.

Abstract Painter 30A

Brendan Parker is one such artist on 30A.

Since he was a young man, Brendan harbored an excitement for creating. As a child, he specifically focused on music. Initially, he taught himself to play the guitar before branching out to learn how to play other instruments. As his skill grew, so did his passion for music. Unfortunately, an accident the day before his 21st birthday left Brendan's hand badly burned. For a guitar player, this was a devastating injury. Unable to play his favorite instrument, Brendan was forced to pursue different modes of creative expression. This hardworking artist was up for the challenge!

Rather than going out to celebrate his 21st birthday, Brendan got to work and re-focused his creative mindset on a blank canvas. Just as he had with music, he taught himself to paint. It turns out, this was a great decision! With his natural talent and motivation to succeed, he has grown into the mixed-media artist he is today. While his initial paintings were experimental with various mediums and styles, they have since evolved. Now, Brendan primarily works with epoxy resins, creating abstract paintings that are unique, dynamic, and expressive.

Brendan's paintings are the perfect addition to a beach house living room, master bedroom, company conference room, or really any other room! His online gallery is full of incredible paintings that not only characterize his spiritual and artistic journey but that spark emotion in all who view his work. The range of colors and patterns is truly unique, resulting in one-of-a-kind paintings.

Interested in his incredible work? Brendan is available for commissions and for art shows. Find out more about this amazing 30A artist on his website.

To get a first-hand experience of this Santa Rosa Beach artist's inspiration, be sure to book a beach vacation in South Walton. Who knows, maybe you'll find a passion for art, too!