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Explore the work of Mixed-Media Artist Golsa Golchini

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Edgar Degas said it best when he said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Artists see the world through a creative lens. They view color and light from a different perspective. The mundane becomes exciting when an artist puts paint to canvas or pen to paper. Ideas come alive at an artist’s hands. And the truly amazing thing about artists is that they have the power to wake the rest of us up. They help us see the world differently, too! They persuade us to see ordinary, everyday things in extraordinary ways.

Golsa Golchini is one of these incredible artists.

Born in Iran and living in Milan, Golchini is a mixed-media artist who has been practicing her craft for many years. She has worked as a visual artist since 2004, and she graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in 2010. Golchini’s artistic process consists of combining impasto – a technique that involves laying paint thickly on a surface so that it stands out – and digital painting techniques. She uses this method to showcase mini 3D worlds made up of water and ice. These miniature worlds speak to art lovers, adventurers, homebodies, and just about anyone else.

We love all of her work, but of course, our favorites are the water ones! The ones that whisper to the saltwater in our veins and the sand in our souls. The ones that breathe new life onto our beach identity. Waves come to life as Golchini places mounds of textured blue and white paint. She completes her works by adding digital paintings of tiny figures surfing, swimming, diving, and more. You know, basically, all the things you would want to do on a beach vacation! While seemingly small, Golchini’s pieces appear larger than life. They are abstract, yet realistic. Whimsical, yet grounded. Simple, yet profound.

In Golsa Golchini’s bio, she states:

Golsa Golchini bio

She has definitely succeeded in encouraging us to see these everyday actions in a different way.

Check out a few of the pieces that stood out to us. Most of them depict some of our favorite beach vacation activities. So, take a mini-vacation via Golchini’s incredible 3D, mixed-media art!

A Silent Wave

A Silent Wave by Golsa Golchini

In A Silent Wave, groups of tiny figures float on a quiet wave made of white and blue paint. The thick paint and added digital shadows make this imaginary world come to life. You can almost hear the rolling of the waves and singing of the wind. You may see some figures swimming or their feet and splashing. Some may be laughing, and a few silently soak up some sun. What you see is what you perceive! To us, these small figures are enjoying some of our favorite ways to pass the time in Destin and along the Emerald Coast! If you look long enough, you might even feel yourself fall right into the image, imagining the smooth water rushing over your own body. Be careful not to get too swept away!

Lazy Blue

Lazy Blue Golsa Golchini

Golchini’s Lazy Blue is an artistic piece featuring thick paint, paintbrushes, and a digital surfer. The piece is a unique combination of art and reality. If you look closely, the surfer seems to move as he glides across the painted wave. If you can’t make it to the beach to surf, this work of art is the next best thing! Adding it to your home décor will keep you close to the beach, and will likely inspire you to book your next sunny vacation.

Feel the Salt in the Air

Feel the Salt in the Air

Can you feel it? Feel the Salt in the Air is a framed, mixed-media piece on cardboard. Its simplicity expresses a feeling of relaxation, peace, and oneness with the world. The great thing about this piece (and all of Gochini’s art) is that everyone can interpret and internalize it differently. It means something unique to each of us. Maybe you see serenity or calmness. Maybe to you, it represents privacy or solitude. Still, you may have different ideas entirely. And that’s the beauty of Golchini’s craft!

Into the Blue

Into the Blue

Into the Blue is a giclee print featuring fingers covered in blue and white paint, and a pair of legs disappearing into the deep as a digital figure dives into the depths. Anyone else want to follow the diver to explore the world beneath those waves? Because we sure do! What exists beneath this imaginary sea? We absolutely love the creativity of this piece, and it invokes in us a curiosity to learn more.

The White Rider

The White Rider

Unlike our other favorites, The White Rider depicts a snowy scene with a skier bundled up against the cold. This might speak to you more loudly than the water paintings if you’re a mountain person. Although, in our opinion, beaches are better than mountains, and we’re pretty sure that most people are at least have some saltwater running through their veins. But, if you’re in the mood for a chilly scene to cool you off on a hot beach day, you’ll definitely find this mixed-media on canvas appealing!

If you’re interested in Golsa Golchini’s inspiring art, follow her on Instagram. You can also browse and purchase her work here. Not surprisingly, her stuff sells out fast. So, hurry and grab your favorites. Otherwise, we just might get to them first!

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