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45 Central, Fonville Press, Sunrise Coffee, Wine Bar, & More!

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Who says scientific studies are boring? According to a recent study published from the University of California Irvine, drinking alcohol and coffee might help you live longer. Yes, you read that right. Now that is the kind of study we can get behind! The results of this study indicated that moderate consumption of alcohol or coffee may contribute to a longer life span.

An article by Travel & Leisure titled Drinking Coffee and Alcohol Every Day Could Actually Help You Live Longer explains that the word “moderate” is key to this study. The article states, “According to the study, those who drank only two glasses of wine or beer per day decreased chances of premature death by 18 percent. Two cups of coffee per day decreased chances by 10 percent.”

Let’s get three cheers for this study and its results!

How does this affect you and your life on 30A? Well, this stretch of coast is home to a variety of charming coffee shops, wine outlets, and beach bars. This means that whether you are a local or visitor, you can get to living longer here on 30A.

These wine and coffee locations on 30A can help you get started.

45 Central

45 Central Seaside

45 Central Wine & Sushi Bar is located in the heart of Seaside. As the name suggests, it boasts a selection of 45 different wines. Customers may order wine by the glass, or purchase exclusive vintages to take home. Each wine pairs delightfully with plates made from fresh and local ingredients. Not only is the wine delicious, the welcoming atmosphere makes for an intimate and soothing experience.

Fonville Press

Fonville Press 30A

Fonville Press is a cute coffee shop perfectly situated in Alys Beach. In addition to coffee and a unique café menu, Fonville Press also serves wine and beer. In other words, it has everything you need! With floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and an outdoor patio, this is a great spot to relax. Bring your friends and sip your coffee or wine while enjoying a pleasant coastal breeze and good company.

Sunrise Coffee Co.

Sunrise Coffee Co 30A

Located in the artsy Gulf Place on 30A, Sunrise Coffee is a must-visit any time of the day – morning, afternoon, evening, and night. As a local favorite, this coffee shop radiates a casual feel and offers the highest quality, gourmet coffee. Specifically, it serves Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee sourced from all over the world. Visitors can stay awhile, drink their coffee, and chat with friends and strangers alike. Or, feel free to head to the beach, which is right across the street. Nothing like watching a sunrise on an empty beach with just your coffee to keep you company.

The Wine Bar

Winebar 30A WaterColor

Get your (moderate) drink on at the Wine Bar in WaterColor. In addition to an award-winning wine list, the Wine Bar also serves classy yet casual dishes that pair perfectly with its drinks. An afternoon or evening spent sipping wine and enjoying WaterColor’s laidback tone is time well spent. Both locals and visitors should keep an eye out for scheduled wine events, which highlight wine celebrities across the globe.

Grayton Beach Brewpub

Grayton Brewpub 30A

Grayton Beach Brewpub is a brewery, restaurant, and bar all rolled into one. Serving locally brewed beers on tap, as well as wines and cocktails, the Brewpub is a great spot to find your new favorite drink. There is plenty of room to hang out with the family, plan a night out with friends, or schedule a holiday party…all while enjoying an ice-cold drink.

Growler Garage

Growler Garage is located directly across the street from the beach in Santa Rosa Beach. With its creative décor and custom paint, the Garage gives off a cool and easy-going vibe. Over 40 craft beers are available on tap. Drink them here or take them to the beach for a chill afternoon.

Black Bear

Black Bear Bread 30A

Grayton Beach is not only home to funky art galleries and chic boutiques, it also boasts an awesome coffee shop and bakery. Black Bear Bread Co. is a relatively new locale that serves up some of the most delicious coffee. Combine that with a filling and healthy breakfast, and you will have more than enough energy to get through the day – and make it a great one!

What do you say? Live longer on 30A by visiting these local hotspots. Besides good coffee, wine, and beer, you will also make new memories that will continue to enrich your everyday life.