What's New at Emeril's in Miramar Beach

"Keeping the bounty of the Gulf of Mexico paramount in our minds."

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Emeril's Coastal Miramar Beach

When you hear the name Chef Emeril Lagasse, your mind should immediately jump to incredible, world-renowned, mouthwatering cuisine. And we are so fortunate to have one of the celebrated chef's restaurants right here in Destin's Miramar Beach. Emeril's incredible restaurant has blessed South Walton with its cooking for a few years now, and it recently underwent minor upgrades to enrich its culinary magic even further.

Food at Emeril's Coastal

The Miramar Beach restaurant's changes were intended to better serve the surrounding coastal community. Prior to its reopening, Emeril's Coastal posted an announcement on Instagram stating, "Over the past few months our passion for hospitality has grown stronger and our desire to connect with our South Walton community has grown deeper. We are currently undergoing some minor updates and menu changes and are more excited than ever to get back to doing what we love. Keeping the bounty of the Gulf of Mexico paramount in our minds, along with our wonderful local produce, we plan to bring you a seafood experience that we are extremely proud of."

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Emeril Lagasse in Destin

On the day of the grand reopening, Emeril Lagasse released a statement regarding the exciting improvements. In the statement, he paid homage to his upbringing by the ocean, where he first fell in love with the sea. After he made his way to New Orleans, he was always impressed with the huge variety of fresh, local seafood. His experiences left him with a profound affinity for cooking with local ingredients. For this reason, some of the menu changes at his Emerald Coast restaurant honor the fresh and bountiful ingredients provided by the Gulf. In his statement, Lagasse went on to say, "So here we are right next to the Gulf of Mexico, a body rich in seafood. Her bounty is what we strive to highlight as we take you on a journey through her waters. Here at Coastal, we believe that when you're more connected to the ingredients, the food speaks to you more deeply. We are excited to showcase the culinary treasures found right here in Miramar Beach's backyard, as well as some favorites from other coasts."

Fresh Fish Emeril's Destin

Restaurant improvements included some physical updates and menu alterations. The restaurant pivoted away from being primarily Italian, expanding its cultural ambiance. According to its website, the restaurant "complements the menu using an earthy mix of textures to create a casual, coastal feeling that is complete with elegant and sophisticated touches." Emeril's Coastal also added Jazz Brunch on Sundays from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Emeril's Instagram

These updates did not detract from the already incredible cuisine and service, but rather served to enhance it. The menu features so many delicious plates; you'll want to try every single one. Appetizers include some tasty bites, from Brick Oven Roasted Littleneck Clams & Chorizo to New Orleans BBQ Shrimp. Entrée delights include Gulf Shrimp Scampi, Seared Sea Scallops, Florida Rock Shrimp Rolls, Oyster Spaghetti, Miso-Orange-Glazed Wild Caught Salmon, Emeril's Double Cut Porkchop, Local Vegetable Pasta, and so much more.

With new dishes, old favorites, and the same warm hospitality, Emeril's Coastal remains a must-visit when you vacation in Destin, Sandestin, Miramar Beach, or 30A. If you're planning a trip to the coast soon, be sure to make reservations so you can put this one-of-a-kind dining experience to your vacation bucket list. It'll make both your tastebuds and your heart happy! Many of our Miramar Beach vacation rentals are located close to Emeril's restaurant, and what is better than a vacation where you are close to the beach and amazing food? Book your stay online or reach out to our expert reservation specialists so we can get you set up for a memorable getaway.

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