Why Beaches are better than Mountains

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Beach vs Mountains
Which is better – the beach or the mountains?

This age-old debate has been circling social circles probably as long as the earth has been spinning on its axis. Can you imagine our first ancestors arguing about the superiority of pre-historic beaches or ancient mountains ranges?

While we know this can become a heated discussion, and the topic is quite subjective, we are going out on a limb to tell you which side of the debate we fall on. Well, maybe not so much a limb as a palm leaf *wink wink*. If that not-so-subtle clue did not give it away, here it is in plain words.

We prefer the beach!

Of course, this should not come as much of a surprise. As a vacation rental company whose goal is to inspire vacationers to enjoy the unrivaled beauty of the Destin and South Walton, it is probably pretty easy to guess that we are beach people.

The beach is better than the mountains. We will say it again…the beach is better!

In all seriousness, we may be (a bit) biased because we are located on the prettiest stretch of shoreline in the world. Yes, the world. Where jeweled waves kiss a shore of sugar sand that extends as far as the eye can see, this spot on the Gulf Coast is a true paradise.

But really, all beaches are amazing, and not just because we say so. According to the article Summer Showdown: Beach vs. Mountains, “The beach is a top choice across racial and partisan lines, with nearly three-quarters of all Americans expressing positive views of a summertime trip to the water’s edge.” This is compared to a 66% favorability rate for the mountains, as gathered from a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The data backs up our claim that the beach is better, but that still might not be enough to convince you. Here are the reasons we prefer a vacation of relaxing under a tropical sun over trudging through rugged, high-altitude terrain.

Gulf Views

Gulf views

A conversation about the beach would be incomplete without mentioning the breathtaking Gulf (or ocean) views. Looking out on the vast unknown of unparalleled depths is awe-inspiring, and watching the waves roll and the sun glisten on the water is a perfect way spend the day. Beach sunrises and sunsets are even more magical. The best part? These views can be enjoyed from almost anywhere – from the sandy beach to a local beach bar that overlooks the seascape.


Beach Weather

In general, beaches boast warmer weather than the mountains all year round. Hallelujah! These warmer temperatures, coupled with the humidity, create a cheerful and comforting atmosphere. It also means less clothing. Don’t worry, we are not being scandalous here. Warm weather means fewer layers, so fewer items you have to pack for your trip. It is a matter of convenience, and we definitely dig it.



Crab at Pompano Joe's

Coastal areas have the best seafood, and that is a fact. By being so close to the water, the seafood is freshly caught and of the highest quality. Destin and the rest of the Emerald Coast offer a variety of wonderful restaurant options that literally bring your meals straight from the Gulf. If that isn’t fresh, we don’t know what is.


Paddle Board

Recreational activities are a pro for beaches and the mountains, but beach activities are more fun. At the beach, you can paddle board, kayak, snorkel, scuba, surf, swim, parasail, boat, fish, and the list goes on. These are great options for those seeking adventure. Sure, you could experience a few of these in the mountains if you found a river or mountain lake, but these activities are easily accessible at the beach. Besides, mountain water is freezing cold, so wouldn’t you rather kayak in warm coastal waters rather than snow-runoff? We sure would!

Marine Life

Destin Dolphins

At the beach, you get to enjoy an incredibly unique, mysterious, and beautiful biosphere. You can see dolphins, sharks, crabs, jellyfish, sea turtles, sand dollars, all kinds of fish, and even more depending on the beach you visit. Many coastal areas are home to coral reefs – both natural and artificial – that are a haven for marine diversity. Strap on some scuba or snorkel gear to explore the amazing watery world beneath the waves.


Destin Sandcastle

Can you build sandcastles in the mountains? Nope. Building sandcastles is unique to beach landscapes. Some beaches even have sandcastle competitions, where artists show off their incredible sand sculpting skills, and it is fun to explore these towering sandy empires. For the average person, there is nothing quite like playing in the sand, digging moats, and watching the kids have pretend sand battles. And the fun does not have to stop there. You can always bury your friends in the sand or craft a sandy mermaid tail decorated with shells for your daughter. There are so many possibilities.

Did we convince you that beaches are better? We certainly hope so!

Don’t get us wrong. We are not dismissing the awesomeness of the mountains – they are pretty cool and majestic in their own way, too. We are just saying that we would rather spend a week in our swimsuits with a pina colada in hand than trekking over hard terrain.

Obviously, this topic is controversial, and every opinion is dependent upon an individual’s tastes, likes, dislikes, personalities, etc. It is up to you to decide. But be warned. If you book your vacation with us, we will continue to prove that beaches are the superior landscape!