Why Bogg Beach Bags are So Hot

Seriously, everyone wants one! Here's why...

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Bogg Bags Destin

Bogg Bags are a hot commodity—seriously, everyone wants one! And there’s a reason why they’re the perfect, must-have beach bag. Designed by Kimberlee Vaccarella, the bags were created specifically to be used at the beach. With a strong love of the coast, Vaccarella and her family went through many beach bags over the years, but never found one that fit all of their needs. They wanted one that was large, durable, sturdy, and easily washable. Because they couldn’t find a bag that met all of that criteria, the Bogg Bag was born. And now, it’s available for beachgoers worldwide!

Bogg Bags on the Beach

These beach bags are popular because they are large, functional, and well-designed. The bags are made from EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), which is a plastic material that is soft, flexible, and rubber-like. This material is waterproof and prevents the bottom of the bag from leaking. The large bags have plenty of room to carry all of your beach adventure gear—the extra-large size can hold up to six towels, and there is still room for snacks, sunscreen, and anything else you might need. The sturdy, flat-bottomed design also ensures the beach bag won’t tip over, keeping all your gear in one place and neatly organized. The interior features a plastic zipper pouch, where you can store smaller items like your cell phone or keys. Another favorite feature of the Bogg Bags is that they are easy to clean, so hosing the sand off after a day at the beach is a cinch.

Baby in a Bogg Bag

Because of their popularity, it can feel impossible to get your own Bogg Bag. Though they are slightly easier to find now than in 2020, they are constantly being snatched up! Currently, the large and small Bogg Bag totes are sold out in the Bogg Bag online store; however, there is a limited edition original Bogg Bag with a variety of cute designs available. Get yours before they’re all taken! You can also find the Bogg Bag on Amazon, as well as other online and in-person retailers. A web search can help you find other shops that carry this beloved tote bag.

Are Bogg Bags worth the price tag (retail prices are surprising low)? In a word, yes! Not only did Country Living Magazine select the Bogg Bag as one of its 2020 must-have items, but Bogg Bag customers also have high praise for the durable beach bag. Five-star reviews consistently applaud the large size, durability, light-weight quality, functionality, and even the style factor. One review stated that the bags were worth every penny, and that the buyer loved that it holds so much.

If you have your own Bogg Bag, it’s time to put it to some good use by bringing it with you on a Destin vacation! It can hold all of your beach towels, vacation snacks, sand toys, snorkels, and sunblock—making it the perfect beach companion. 

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