Why Plan a Destination Micro Wedding

Nope, not an elopement - Learn More About this New Wedding Trend!

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It’s no secret that Northwest Florida is a hotspot for destination weddings. After all, the crystalline beaches make for a stunning wedding backdrop. And saying “I do,” to your honey outside in paradise, feeling the sun on your skin and wind in your hair, makes for the best wedding memories.

Large-scale weddings with family and friends are commonplace in Destin and on 30A. But did you know that micro weddings are getting more and more popular? While the Emerald Coast is excellent for large ceremonies and receptions, it is also great for a destination micro wedding.

But first, what is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is exactly what it sounds like. It’s basically a micro version of a wedding. A micro wedding isn’t an elopement, although it may sound like one at first. Instead, micro weddings feature classic wedding traditions, just on a smaller scale. Instead of a long guest list, the bride and groom keep the list small with 20 guests or less, inviting only their closest family and friends. This type of wedding is an intimate affair. It allows the bride and groom to focus on each other and their binding love – which is, after all, what a wedding is supposed to be about!

Micro weddings began trending last year, and the current pandemic has boosted the concept significantly. Recently, micro weddings made up approximately 10 percent of the wedding market, but it is set to explode in the fall of 2020. Besides the pandemic, there are a number of benefits associated with planning a micro wedding that has also contributed to the increasing trend.

On average, a wedding in the United States costs $34,000. That’s a significant chunk of money. However, throwing a micro wedding can reduce those costs by nearly 90 percent—the average micro wedding costs between $2,000 to $4,000. Much less expensive, and you can likely find some other productive ways to put the money you saved to use – like a down payment on a house, perhaps!

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While you are likely to spend more money per person, you and your partner will end up having a better and more intimate experience with your guests. For many brides, this is the perfect way to achieve a small wedding in size, but big on special. A destination micro wedding expands on this, allowing you and your honey to experience a memorable wedding in a beautiful destination of your choosing.

Similar to a micro wedding, a minimony is another possible option for your upcoming nuptials. A minimony is a small wedding ceremony with no more than 10 guests. You can then follow this up by a full ceremony at a later date.

With the current pandemic, a destination micro wedding should be on the radar for anyone planning a wedding in 2020. While many things in the world may seem uncertain, your wedding doesn’t have to be! Grab your partner and loved ones for a truly unique experience. If the beach is your idea of the perfect destination wedding, Destin & South Walton offer everything you need to make your wedding great! Call us now at 800-782-8736 for accommodations, community restrictions, and additional details.