World’s Largest Jet Ski Here in Destin

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Many visitors will tell you that Destin is all about the white sand beach. There is a lot to be said about it. The bright shimmering shore is composed of pure white quartz crystals that washed down into the gulf from the Appalachian mountain tops, which were slashed off by glaciers eons ago during the last Ice Age. The sugary white sand was created by constant wave action that pulverized it into a powdery form over the course of many thousands of years. The white reflective quality of the sand doesn't absorb the heat of the sun or burn your feet and remains relatively cool, even on a sunny hot summer day.

However, people wouldn't even go to the beach if it wasn't for the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. Sure it's great for sunbathing and catching the sensational views, but those jewel-toned waters are quite dazzling. They glitter like emeralds, and when you dive in or float around on the surface, you feel like you are part of a gleaming jewel. You are drawn to it and want to experience it in all its glory.

One of the best ways to experience the luminescent gulf is to take a ride on this popular custom watercraft, which happens to be the largest Jet Ski in the world! Known as the Hydrojet, this custom made craft was commissioned by the Mike Bonner family to be created by Hydrojet LLC, who are known for their highly reputable commercial and pleasure boat creations. It is operated by experienced deckhands, has US Coast Guard approval, and receives regular inspections.

You have probably seen this Jet Ski Boat going in and out of Destin's harbor carrying its adventurous passengers out into the Gulf. It looks like a much larger version of a standard jet ski with vivid lime green and blue wave patterned hull that rivals the colors of the Gulf.

Three rows of seats with cushioned benches enable you to straddle while hanging on to the handlebars just like a much smaller WaveRunner. Each seat can accommodate two passengers, so your loved one can hug you from behind and hold on tight while jumping the waves!

The Hydrojet loads up to 28 passengers at HarborWalk Village on the Destin Harbor and slowly cruises out through the "No Wake" zone with fun music playing. You may wave to the gawking landlubbers on the docks as you float by. Once it reaches East Pass and clearing the jetties to go out into the Gulf, it goes full throttle forward! The boat "jets" eastward along the coast sometimes skimming the tops of the waves so prepare to possibly get wet during this exhilarating ride! Passengers may store their mobile phones and other essentials in provided "Dry Boxes."

Hydrojet Boat Destin

The Hydrojet is not all about speed, however since this IS considered a cruise. The coastal scenery from out on the Gulf is quite stunning, and the natural seascape is dazzling. Expect to see pods of dolphin frolicking nearby in the water along with sea turtles and stingrays. Whenever such examples of marvelous marine life are spotted, the Hydrojet slows down for some special Instagram-worthy moments. That waterproof phone camera might come in handy!

In addition, two slow ride cruises occur to enjoy heavenly sunsets and special firework celebrations over the harbor. The sunset cruise generally heads out around 7 pm every night during good weather while the fireworks cruise is on special holidays along with Thursday nights during the summer.

This popular Hydrojet cruise launches seven days per week with weather permitting at noon, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:30pm and 7:30 pm for the sunset cruise. If stormy weather is expected or occurring passengers may reschedule the trip or be issued a full refund. The regular cruise lasts about 45 minutes long, but firework cruises are somewhat shorter. Longer cruises may be booked by private parties.

On TripAdvisor, this Destin adventure receives outstanding 4.8 Star Ratings from 110 reviews which include such comments as: "An absolute blast!"; "Fantastic tour,"; "Fun ride!" and "Memorable experience."

Children must be five years of age or older but must be tall enough to have both feet on the deck when straddling the bench seat. Due to the enormous amount of gasoline used to power this vessel, there must be a minimum of 12 passengers on board prior to the launch. This is definitely a "more the merrier" type of group experience, however, if you are not traveling in a flock, you may call to see if it is available with other adventurers. This is usually very well booked, so reservations are strongly encouraged. If you are booking a large party, be sure to make your reservations at least 24-hours in advance. Tickets are $29 for adults and $17 for children 5 through 12.

You may purchase tickets with reservations in advance by calling 850-865-3557.

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