YouTube's Top Beach Songs

(and how they apply to Destin & 30A)

Posted on 9/22/2023

Imagine this: Sunlight dancing on emerald-hued waters, the soft whisper of waves in your ears, and in the background, the familiar tunes of your favorite beach songs taking you on a nostalgia trip. This isn't just any vacation – it's the timeless experience of staying at one of our Ocean Reef properties. Since 1982, families have been making memories along our award-winning shores, with the melodies of iconic beach songs providing the perfect soundtrack. But have you ever wondered which of these tracks truly resonate with the nation? In this article, we dive into the top beach songs based on YouTube views, some of which hold a special place right here in Destin and 30A. But first, let's set the stage...

Generations of families have been enjoying great vacations at our fine Ocean Reef properties along the shimmering shoreline beside the luminescent jewel-toned gulf. Nestled in picturesque locales like Destin, Miramar Beach, Scenic 30A, and Panama City Beach, our properties range from beachfront mansions to quaint cottages and luxurious condos. Many of these gems are tucked away in elite gated communities, offering not just a stay, but an experience. Think championship golf courses, tennis courts, and mesmerizing destinations like Sandestin's Village of Baytowne Wharf or Destin's crown jewel of HarborWalk Village.

America's love affair with the beach is not just limited to vacation spots; it's immortalized in the tunes we hum and the songs we play on repeat. Those melodies evoke the spirit of carefree days and sunlit memories. As you read on, you'll discover the nation's top beach anthems – and might just find a new favorite to play during your next stay with us.

The following are the top twelve most popular beach songs, based on YouTube views

Not surprisingly, two of them are by the iconic Beach Boys. A little known fact is that this group played on location here with much fanfare when the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort had their Grand Opening back in the 1970s. These two songs include "Good Vibrations" and "Surfin USA."

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (36M Views)

I love the colorful clothes she wears and the way the sunlight plays upon her hair. I hear the sound of a gentle word on the wind that lifts her perfume through the air. I'm pickin' up good vibrations!

The Beach Boys

Released in 1967, "Good Vibrations" captures the essence of romance that the Destin 30A area inspires. Its lyrics paint a picture of colorful attire, sunlight dancing on hair, gentle words carried by the breeze, and the unmistakable feeling of 'good vibrations' that permeate the air, perfectly reflecting the romantic atmosphere of our pristine beaches.

The Beach Boys - Surfin USA (42M Views)

If everybody had an ocean across the USA, then everybody'd be surfing like California. You'd see them wearing their baggies, Huarache sandals too, a bushy bushy blonde hairdo, Surfin USA.

The Beach Boys

While "Surfin USA" may evoke images of California's waves, the allure of our Destin area is undeniable. While our waves may not rival the Pacific giants, when offshore storms roll in, they can reach impressive heights of up to ten feet. What sets us apart is the inviting warmth of our water temperatures compared to the chilly Pacific, and our shores boast powdery white sands, making it an ideal destination for surf enthusiasts seeking a different kind of wave-riding experience.

Katy Perry - California Gurls (704M Views)

I know a place where the grass is really greener. Warm, wet n wild. There must be something in the water.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's chart-topping hit, "California Gurls," seems to channel the vibrant spirit of The Emerald Coast, with lyrics hinting at a place where the grass is greener and the atmosphere is warm and wild. Interestingly, our Gulf waters hold a natural wonder - microscopic green plankton that glimmers in the sunlight, casting a mesmerizing, jewel-toned glow across the pristine white sands. This phenomenon, often associated with our coast, is a testament to the unique and enchanting beauty of our beloved destination.

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Jimmy Buffett's Legacy

Jimmy Buffett's Legacy

We've recently lost a legend, but his spirit sails on. "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes," Jimmy Buffett sang, capturing the essence of a laid-back, sun-kissed lifestyle that many yearn for but few truly embrace. Although we mourn the loss of this iconic musician and lifestyle philosopher, his legacy is far from just a memory.

Rupert Holmes - Escape (94M Views)

Yes I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne.

Rupert Holmes

The timeless tune "The Escape" by Rupert Holmes, famously known as the Pina Colada song, evokes a passion for carefree moments and good times. With lyrics celebrating a love for Pina Coladas and the thrill of unexpected encounters in the rain, it's a melody that perfectly complements the beach atmosphere. Pina Coladas, like margaritas and daiquiris, are cherished libations when savoring the beach's delights. And while the song hints at getting caught in the rain, rest assured that in the "Sunshine State," such showers are a rare occurrence, allowing you to fully embrace the sun-drenched paradise of our destination.

Make Yourself a Drink & Enjoy the Rest of these Beach Tunes:

Blake Shelton - Some Beach (43M Views)

Somewhere there's a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair. Palm trees are growing, and warm breezes blowing. I picture myself right there on a beach somewhere.

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton's rendition of "Some Beach" paints a serene picture of an inviting coastal paradise, where large umbrellas offer shade over empty chairs, and palm trees sway gently in the warm breeze. Fortunately, our guests here in Destin can turn this daydream into reality and experience this coastal bliss for themselves.

Weezer - Island in the Sun (64M Views)

On an island in the sun we'll be playing and having fun, and it makes me feel so fine I can't control my mind.


Weezer's "Island in the Sun" captures the essence of our Destin and Miramar Beach peninsula. With lyrics that speak of an island where fun knows no bounds and where every moment feels sublime, it's a fitting anthem for our tropical paradise. Our shores offer an experience akin to an island getaway, surrounded by the boundless beauty of the Gulf of Mexico stretching as far as the eye can see to the south and the expansive Choctawhatchee Bay, spanning three to five miles to the north, connecting to the mainland. In this idyllic setting, it's easy to lose yourself in the sheer bliss of our coastal haven.

Otis Redding - The Dock on the Bay (113M Views)

Sittin' in the morning sun, I'll be sittin' when the evening comes. Watching the ships roll in, then watching them roll away again. Watching the tide roll away. I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay.

Otis Redding

Speaking of the bay, the timeless melody of "The Dock on the Bay" by Otis Redding, YouTube's 2nd most-viewed beach song, evokes a serene atmosphere. It paints a picture of leisurely moments: sitting in the morning sun, continuing into the evening, and watching the ebb and flow of ships along the bay. This experience can be relished at the enchanting Village of Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin. Beyond its array of excellent restaurants, vibrant bars, open-air concerts, and lively festivals, this charming village boasts an extended wharf that reaches into the bay. Especially during the summer months, the sunsets here are breathtaking as the sun sinks below the western waters over the bay. While the sight of ships may be rare, the marina is home to luxurious yachts and a substantial boat offering sunset dinner cruises at exclusive discounted rates for Ocean Reef Resorts guests.

Kenny Chesney - When the Sun Goes Down (39M Views)

Cause when the sun goes down, we'll be groovin'. When the sun goes down, we'll be feelin' alright. When the sun goes down over the water, everything gets hotter when the sun goes down.

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney's "When the Sun Goes Down" sets the mood for unforgettable moments, singing about groovin' and feeling alright as the sun dips below the horizon. Beyond the captivating sunsets over the beautiful bay during the summer, Destin & 30A offers a year-round spectacle as the sun majestically descends into the Gulf. Witnessing this natural wonder is nothing short of magnificent, making it a deeply romantic experience for all who visit.

Sheryl Crow - Soak Up the Sun (39M Views)

I'm gonna soak up the sun. I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up.

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow, who owns a second home along Scenic 30A, encourages everyone to "Soak Up the Sun." In this happy place, taking her advice is a breeze. However, it's essential to remember your sunglasses, as they serve not just as a fashion statement but as a practical necessity due to the sun's brilliant reflection on our pristine sugar-white sands.

Zac Brown - Knee Deep Feat Jimmy Buffett (61M Views)

Got the blue sky breeze blowing wind through my hair. The only worry in the world is the tide going to reach my chair. Sunrise, there's a fire in the sky. Never been so happy. Never felt so high. And I might have found my own kind of paradise.

Jimmy Buffett

A beach-themed song would be incomplete without a tribute to Jimmy Buffett, as presented by the Zac Brown Band in their song "Knee Deep." The lyrics perfectly encapsulate the beach experience, with imagery of the blue sky breeze, the gentle rustling of the wind in your hair, and the only concern being whether the tide will reach your chair. It's a reminder of the happiness and elation that a beach getaway can bring, making it feel like your very own paradise..

Zac Brown - Toes (19M Views)

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand. Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand. Life is good today, life is good today.

Zac Brown

Zac Brown also brings the laid-back beach vibe with his song "Toes." It perfectly captures the carefree spirit of a beach experience. You can imagine yourself with your toes in the water, sitting in the sand without a worry in the world, and perhaps enjoying one of the fine light ales crafted right here in Destin and Grayton Beach, adding to the relaxed atmosphere of our coastal paradise.

The Drifters - Under the Boardwalk (38M Views)

Under the boardwalk, we'll be havin' some fun. Under the Boardwalk, people are walking above. Under the boardwalk, we'll be fallin' in love. Under the boardwalk.

The Drifters

One of the timeless beach classics, "Under the Boardwalk," continues to charm audiences today. While the lyrics are well-known, the song's spirit lives on in the enchanting coastal experiences you can have, much like those depicted in the song. A place where you can relish similar moments is Pier Park in Panama City Beach, home to one of the Gulf of Mexico's longest boardwalk piers. For a nominal fee, you can visit this picturesque spot to soak in the stunning scenery and even try your hand at fishing. Pier Park offers a diverse range of attractions, from specialty shops and restaurants with lively bars featuring live music to family-friendly amusements, outdoor concerts, year-round festivals, and thrilling seasonal firework displays.

Guests Enjoying Grayton Beach

Armed with the soundtrack of the most beloved beach songs, why not curate your own seaside escape? Dive in here our Ocean Reef Resorts website to discover the perfect backdrop for your melodic beach memories. With breathtaking images, comprehensive descriptions, and up-to-date availability, your dream vacation is just a click away. Here's to your own unforgettable moments by the shore!

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