Giving Back

The Emerald Coast is more than just a place we live - it is our home. We are so very proud of the unique beaches of Destin and 30A, to which we belong. This is an integral part of who we are as a company. We engage with the community through local boards, associations, and chamber events. We believe in giving a helping hand to those organizations we feel truly enrich our beachfront town. In turn, these non-profits, local businesses, social clubs, and educational institutions provide culture and academic enrichment for the greater good.

Ocean Reef gives generously so that the fruits we bare from our hard work may nourish our area's deeper need for arts and a better way of life for our visitors and locals alike. Through this process, the seeds we sow today will produce continued growth and engagement - and achieve our greatest goal; to keep our beautiful beaches a world-class destination for generations to come.

Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals & Real Estate Sponsorships & Affiliations

Ocean Reef Resorts helps a wealth of local and regional organizations achieve their dreams through generous giving. If your non-profit, school or event is in need of our participation please carefully fill out this form to request our support.

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