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Charcuterie boards and boxes bring a touch of effortless sophistication and culinary delight to any Destin & 30A beach vacation. These artfully arranged selections combine a variety of textures and flavors—from rich, creamy cheeses and savory meats to fresh fruits and crunchy accompaniments—that cater to every palate. Perfect for sharing, they create a focal point for gathering, allowing friends and family to come together and graze at their leisure. Adding to the convenience, these gourmet assortments can be delivered right to your vacation rental while you relax and soak in the sun. Whether you're enjoying a sunset on the sand, lounging by the pool, or taking it easy in your home or condo, a charcuterie board enhances your dining experience, turning each snack or meal into a special occasion. Indulge in the ease and elegance of convenient delivery and transform a simple beach day into an exquisite culinary adventure.

Discounted Charcuterie Boards with Graze Craze 605 N County Hwy 393, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
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Graze Craze in Santa Rosa Beach is your go-to for elevating any beachside gathering or vacation celebration. Their beautifully crafted charcuterie boards, ranging from individual servings to expansive grazing tables, are perfect for enhancing your leisure time with farm-fresh produce, artisan meats, and house-made dips. Each customizable board is artfully designed to offer a burst of flavors, making every meal a special occasion. With convenient pickup and delivery options, Graze Craze ensures gourmet grazing is effortlessly accessible, allowing you to savor more moments by the sea.

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Enjoy a 15% discount on Graze Craze's gourmet charcuterie boards, exclusively for our guests through Reef Rewards. Use the code oceanreef at checkout to save on your next flavorful feast.

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