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What goes better than the beach and ice cream?

The short answer is nothing.  But, if you've ever had rolled ice cream, you know there IS a way to improve perfection!  Rolled ice cream is a global phenomenon also known as Thai Rolled Ice Cream or Stir-Fried Ice Cream. After a fun day at the beach, cool off with this sweet treat that's chopped, mixed, and spread right in front of you! And, as a guest of Ocean Reef, you'll enjoy special pricing with our friends at Frozen Dune Rolled Ice Cream & Coffee in Miramar Beach.

Discounted Ice Cream with Frozen Dune Rolled Ice Cream & Coffee

2052 Scenic Gulf Dr
Miramar Beach , FL
United States
30° 22' 40.7856" N, 86° 22' 56.1468" W
Florida US
Frozen Dune Rolled Ice Cream & Coffee

The folks at Frozen Dune Rolled Ice Cream & Coffee have introduced our coast to something we didn't even know was missing. They offer our very favorite frozen treat in an improved format.

Rolled ice cream takes everything you thought you knew about ice cream and turns it completely upside down... Or better yet, chocked full of goodness and rolled right in front of you!  In addition to this fun dessert, they also have delicious coffees and boba teas. Needless to say, put these guys on your must-visit list for your vacay.

Get Discounted Ice Cream & Coffee

With Reef Rewards you'll enjoy a 10% discount when you visit Frozen Dune Rolled Ice Cream & Coffee at 2052 Scenic Gulf Drive in Miramar Beach.