Discounted SandCastle Lessons

Building a sandcastle on the beach is truly a rite of passage.  It's this project of passion by the shore that gives you a chance to be creative, bond with family and friends, and build memories that are sure to last a lifetime. It also means you are on vacation, and that in itself is something to celebrate!  To enhance your vacation, we've partnered with Beach Sand Sculptures, they'll help you take your sandcastle skills to the next level.

Discounted SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures
Image for Things To Do Discounted SandCastle Lessons with Beach Sand Sculptures

Ever try to build a SandCastle? If you're like most folks, it was fabulous fun, but your creation may have not reached its full potential.  Bigger is always better, and the folks at Beach Sand Sculptures are world-renowned, expert sandcastle instructors who will meet you at your beach and teach you how to build serious sandcastles that reach heights clear over 3 feet. 

Beach Sand Sculptures offers marriage proposals, unique wedding sand sculptures, team building activities, and Sand-vertising - on and off the beach.  As our guest, you'll receive 100% of the fun at a discounted rate!

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