Spring Break Policies

We would like you to take the time to read over and understand our expanded Spring Break Policies. Ocean Reef has a zero-tolerance policy on the following:

• NO underage drinking in or around any Ocean Reef Rental property.

• Parents must accompany anyone under the age of 25 in the property during your stay. We require one parent or guardian per every two young adults under 25 staying in the property. Parents, are responsible for ALL minors in the group. This means that parents must be staying IN the property with the young adults during the entire stay. Parents staying next door, down the road, or in a nearby hotel does NOT qualify.

• No loud noise after 10:00 pm and/or before 8:00 am.

• Damage done to the property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

• No excess cars. Only those staying at property allowed.

• All rules of the Homeowners Association or Condo Complex must be adhered to at all times.

• Absolutely NO parties that include alcohol and/or minors. If this is your intention, do NOT book with Ocean Reef. You WILL be evicted immediately with NO money back.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate eviction from the property and forfeiture of any and all rent paid. If there is any underage drinking, use of drugs, or child abandonment, you will be turned over to the Sheriffs Department for immediate disposition. There are NO exceptions to any of these rules. Ocean Reef's properties are not intended for partying students. Please respect your neighbors and the tenants around you.

Ocean Reef reserves the right to inspect the property at any time in order to preserve booking and unit integrity.

We realize these rules may seem stark. Every year, we have guests that disregard these policies and are shocked when they are evicted with no refund. We do not and cannot book to high school or college groups with plans of "partying for spring break." If this does not apply to you, please read through the policies anyway. If you do not plan on any of these things occurring, then there should be no problem. We look forward to seeing you this Spring.

Thank You,

Ocean Reef