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Destiny is the domain of some of Destin's finest, most luxurious vacation homes. They represent the pinnacle of vacation rental design. Among these giants, a new home has been constructed. Emerge in Sea has borrowed all the best elements making it one of the most exquisite properties in Destiny West. This stately rental sits on an oversized corner lot and stands tall like a fairytale white castle near the sand. Every inch of this massive property has been tailor-made to enhance your time by the shore. You'll have a memorable stay in this dream home and pictures to make your friends and family envious.

Presentation is everything. Walking up to Emerge in Sea is a joy every single time. A massive stone-paved driveway surrounds the place like a mote. Row after row of patios and balconies on every floor rises like a wedding cake. It's simply a joy to behold; walking up the grand, concentrically curved staircase, you will feel like royalty. Once inside, the stats are staggering. This home accommodates up to 18 happy beachy guests in 7 bedrooms with 8.5 bathrooms. 

Entering the home on the primary second level, you are met with wide open, clean spaces. The furniture is tasteful; the color combos are light and cloud-like. The living room is a grand expanse. Oversized sets of leather and canvas-covered chairs disappear in the openness of the room. Here there is also a large u-shaped sectional. You'll find a wet bar here, a 10-Top(!) dining table, as well as one of the most modern kitchens on the coast. Stainless steel and crisp white surfaces are the esthetic here. There's seating for four on the colossal center island, big barrel lights, and enough counter space to prepare a serious feast. Clean, bright white marble has been incorporated everywhere possible, and lighting everywhere, including under every step of the stairs, helps accent this home that will make you feel like you are vacationing in the future.

There are two bedrooms on this level. The first contains a king bed, balcony access, and a private bath. The second bedroom has two queen beds and lots of room to spread out, a bathroom with a walk-in shower, and access to that great balcony outside. There is also a convenient hall bath.

Before we go up to the third floor, let's discuss the ground floor. A media room with a wet bar, a brilliant bright king bedroom with bath, another bedroom with two queens and a bath, and laundry, is found on this level - and that's where everything normally ends. Calling this space a game room is woefully underselling it; it is more like your own private sports bar/arcade. Show-stopping game tables accent this game center. The largest is an Olympic-sized, four-player ping-pong table; next up is the foosball table with large figures, and it is also finished with a modern touch. The poker table is over-the-top cool and matches the rest of the furniture here that exudes a sort of James Bond villain, maybe Dr. No: with a 60's vibe of casual elegance for sure. Not to be out-shined, on this level, there is a two-car garage, a grill, and a large, private heated pool, framed by a tall tiled wall in such a way as to only let the sun and stars see its occupants.

A quick jog up the lighted stairway brings you to the third floor. We finally come to the cherry on top. The Primary Suite has a king bed and a sitting room of its own, which rivals the living room of lesser houses. There's a walk-in shower, a soaking tub, balcony access, and too many modern touches to mention here. Other bedrooms include a king bedroom with a tub shower combo, and balcony access, a bedroom with two queens and a Jack and Jill bath with a walk-in shower (shared with a bonus room with a queen futon), and of course, balcony access here too. Oh, did we mention the massive beach-view terrace on this level? You will for sure not want to miss it.

Destiny is a beautiful area to vacation in. Miles of paved beachfront walkways await your morning jog, bike ride, or stroll. There is a plethora of dining and shopping options, and best of all, it ques you up to have the best of both worlds with a location equidistant from quiet Scenic 30A and the hustle and bustle of Downtown Destin. In addition, Destiny West specifically offers a beautiful beach and fabulous amenities, including the use of a seasonally heated tropical neighborhood pool that is just steps away from the home. Here you will also find a fitness center, basketball court, and lighted tennis courts. 

First Floor: Game Room with Patio Access, King Bedroom with Tub/Shower Combo and Patio Access, Bedroom with Two Queen Beds and Walk-In Shower + Patio Access, Bonus Den with Wet Bar, Hall Bath with Walk-In Shower, Laundry, Garage Access.

Second Floor: Living Room with Wet Bar and Balcony Access, Kitchen, Dining, King Bedroom with Tub/Shower Combo and Balcony Access, Bedroom with Two Queen Beds and Walk-In Shower + Balcony Access, Powder Room.

Third Floor: King Primary Bedroom with Walk-In Shower and Soaking Tub + Balcony Access, King Bedroom with Tub/Shower Combo and Balcony Access, Bedroom with Two Queen Beds and Balcony Access, Jack and Jill Bath with Walk-In Shower, Bonus Room with Queen Futon, Laundry.

Based on the daily temperature and at the HOA's discretion, the community pool is typically heated during spring break.

*Add $75.00 per day to the heat pool (available Oct-April if needed)

  • Amenity Icon Community Hot Tub
  • Amenity Icon Community Pool
  • Amenity Icon Game Room
  • Amenity Icon Grill/BBQ
  • Amenity Icon Gulf View
  • Amenity Icon Heated Community Pool
  • Amenity Icon Heated Private Pool
  • Amenity Icon Internet
  • Amenity Icon Laundry
  • Amenity Icon No Pets Allowed
  • Amenity Icon Parking Spaces: 7
  • Amenity Icon Private Pool
  • Amenity Icon Security Cameras
  • Amenity Icon Tennis Court
  • Amenity Icon Walk to Beach: 1-2 Minutes
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Third Floor:
Queen Futon
Queen Futon
Total: Queen Futon, 6 Queen, 4 King
Rating 5
Amazing vacation!
This is an amazing vacation home! It is a stunning home, exceptionally clean which is important to me!!!!!! The home is spacious and very impressive! The pictures show the beauty of the home but when you stay there it feels so inviting and comfortable. The home is designed for space and luxury but also comfort. It is conveniently located on the corner and in a safe gated community that requires code to access. The pool at the home was great and clean and fun for everyone to enjoy. The beach is just across the street just a few minutes walk away and the view is remarkable, the sand is white and soft! We loved playing in both the ocean and pool! The home has all of the conveniences, two laundry rooms, a gourmet kitchen with two dishwashers and multiple ovens! The kitchen is designed to prepare for a crowd! I loved the gas oven and cooktops! The stairs are lighted for safety at night. This house had so many features that I would replicate when building my dream home. The location is also just down the street from every convenience! A Whole Foods and Publix grocery store are nearby and Starbucks, Panera , …not to mention amazing restaurants that you can only experience in Destin are all minutes away! The location is terrific, the home is emmaculate, the beach is beautiful! I can’t say enough! I plan to go back again next year we had the best time ever!!!!!!
Anonymous U from Indiana - Stayed July 2023
Thank you for such a glowing review! We're overjoyed to hear that you had an amazing vacation and that you appreciated the design, cleanliness, and amenities of the home. It's wonderful to know that our property not only met but exceeded your expectations. Your kind words truly inspire us to continue providing the best experiences for our guests. We are eagerly looking forward to your return next year for more memorable times!
Ocean Reef Resorts staff
Posted: 8/1/2023
Rating 5
Best Vacation Home Ever!!!
If you’re looking for a gorgeous home for a memorable family vacation, we can’t recommend ’Emerge In Sea’ enough. It has been a great experience all around. We take a multi-family vacation each year and in past it has proven to be tough to find a house that checks all the boxes, but we are very thankful to have found it here. The home was clean, beautifully designed, and thoughtfully equipped. The gated entrance to the neighborhood made everyone feel safe. The convenient location and close proximity to the beach took much stress out of going to attractions and the ocean. Between the many porches, game room, multiple indoor living areas, huge kitchen, there is so much space for everyone, inside and out. We definitely appreciated the ample space after day 5 or 6 of all that family time. Every aspect of the home was high quality, from the kitchen appliances to the beautiful and comfortable pool. Management was on top of things and offered very good communication and accommodation. Can’t say enough good things and we hope to be back soon to make more lifelong memories.
Anonymous U from Fayetteville - Stayed July 2023
Thank you so much for your glowing review! We are thrilled that 'Emerge In Sea' provided a memorable experience and met all your vacation needs. We take pride in offering a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for our guests, and we're delighted that you appreciated the efforts. We look forward to welcoming you and your family back in the near future to make even more wonderful memories.
Ocean Reef Resorts staff
Posted: 7/14/2023
Rating 5
Emerge In Sea was spectacular.
The pool was great and you can't beat the location. This is the 4th time I've rented from Ocean Reef and will continue to do so. Will be calling soon to rent for next year.
Melissa V from Fayette AL - Stayed June 2023
We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed your stay at 'Emerge In Sea' and we're truly grateful for your loyalty. We're thrilled that the pool and location meet your expectations. Your positive feedback encourages us to keep improving our services. Looking forward to your call to arrange your next year's stay.
Ocean Reef Resorts staff
Posted: 7/14/2023
Rating 5
The Perfect Destiny West Rental Home
Not sure this house could be any better. It's ideally located with excellent views. The layout is phenomenal for large groups of all different ages. There is SOOOO much room inside and tons of outdoor space as well. The decor is contemporary, with just enough beach vibes. Oh yeah, and the game room truly added to the fun we had. We've had the pleasure of staying at a wide variety of Ocean Reef properties, and this one is hands down one of the best.
Rick O from Lansing, MI - Stayed March 2023
We're absolutely delighted to hear that you found our home to be the "Perfect Destiny West Rental Home" and that it exceeded your expectations. We strive to provide a comfortable and fun environment for groups of all sizes and ages, and it's fantastic to hear that you appreciated the design, space, and amenities. Your kind words inspire us to maintain and even exceed the standard of our services. We look forward to hosting you again at Ocean Reef.
Ocean Reef Resorts staff
Posted: 7/14/2023
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We welcome all of your questions! Most property-specific details can be answered in the AMENITIES tab, for example, "Is beach service included?", "Is there a community pool?" and "How far is the beach?". Additional answers may be found in our Rental Policies.

Still have unanswered questions? We invite you to ask below. Our vacation specialists look forward to providing you with a detailed response to help you find the best place by the beach!

Does the trip insurance cover us if we have to cancel for any reason?
Joni B - Posted: 10/30/2022


Ocean Reef Resorts offers Generali travel cancellation/interruption insurance to every guest. Generali insurance is optional but is strongly recommended. For questions concerning the travel insurance, please call Generali directly at 800-554-9839. The insurance premium is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Are golf carts rentals allowed in this gated community?
Chris K - Posted: 02/17/2023


Golf cart rentals are allowed within the Destiny West neighborhood. All operators must have a valid drivers license. Golf carts must be registered with the Association and have a valid Destin sticker affixed to the windshield. Parking is not permitted in the street, on the grass, or any unauthorized zones.

Does this property allow small dogs (less than 20lbs)?
Christian S - Posted: 03/19/2023


We love our dogs here at Ocean Reef, however - Emerge in Sea is not a pet-friendly property.  If you are unable to board your pup, you may want to consider one of these Pet Friendly Rentals.

How far is the beach?
Lisa W - Posted: 03/30/2023


The beach is located a short one to two-minute walk away. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Are linens included?
Jadene L - Posted: 06/24/2023


We provide linens and sheets for the beds, bath towels, and washcloths. You will want to bring your own beach towels, as we do not provide them. Our properties are furnished with enough disposable goods to get you started; this includes trash bags, paper towels, toilet tissue, dishwashing detergent, and bar soap. Our kitchens feature the basic necessities, such as a k-cup coffee maker, toaster, blender, silverware, and dishes. You may also want to pack hair dryers, additional disposable goods, and specialty kitchen items such as spices, aluminum foil, sandwich bags, etc.

Here is a helpful video to ensure that you are fully equipped for the beach!

Do you have any cribs or pack and plays at the house?
Henriette B - Posted: 07/31/2023


Emerge In Sea is an incredible Destiny West vacation home! It does not include a crib or Pack-n-Play, but you do receive discounts on these items by being an Ocean Reef guest. Here is a link to discounted baby equipment!

How much does it cost to rent beach chairs for the week?
Cheri K - Posted: 01/09/2024


Beach service rental rates vary by the company, location, and items requested. Once you have secured your reservation, we will happily provide you with the beach chair company's contact information.

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