Gileah Taylor's Slow Parade: Your 30A Summer Soundtrack

A Reflective Musical Journey For Sun-Soaked Days & Tranquil Nights by the Beach

Posted on 5/10/2024

Step out onto our brilliant white sand and enter a world all your own, underscored by the perfect soundtrack to the beaches of Florida's Scenic Highway 30A. Gileah Taylor's new album, Slow Parade, captures the reflective beauty of the Emerald Coast. As you wind your way through South Walton's eclectic beach towns, you'll want to add this album to your playlist.

North Floridian and indie-folk gem Gileah Taylor is a longtime fixture in the local music scene, performing at intimate beachside bars and venues. She enchanted audiences by performing at a variety of prominent events, such as the 30A Songwriter's Festival, ArtsQuest, and the 30A Wine Festival. With Slow Parade, Taylor takes listeners on a musical journey that is deeply intertwined with the slow, sun-soaked days and reflective nights of 30A. Released under Velvet Blue Music, this album isn't just a collection of songs; it's a narrative arc from shadow to light, from turmoil to peace, capturing the timeless essence of 1940s Hollywood and the Laurel Canyon sound of the 60s and 70s, and resonating with the unique culture of 30A.

Produced by Nashville's Gideon and Gabe Klein, Slow Parade is marked by its chamber-pop sensibilities—where the lushness of orchestral strings meet the soothing and introspective lure of Taylor's voice and story. The album was crafted with a keen attention to sonic detail, recorded between the vibrant musical landscapes of Tennessee and Florida's own Emerald Coast. This dual-location production allowed for a fusion of Nashville's renowned musical craftsmanship with the serene and inspiring vibes of the Gulf Coast. The album opens with "My Vision is Coming Back," setting a tone of melancholic hope that is both soothing and contemplative—perfect for a sunset drive along the longer winding stretches of East 30A as it makes its way to Alys Beach.

The standout track, "Summer Jubilee," is uniquely resonant with 30A culture. Inspired by a childhood memory of her husband, it's a song about seizing the moment, much like those spontaneous beach gatherings when the community comes together to celebrate the unexpected gifts of the sea. The song recounts a peculiar yet magical event from her husband Chris' childhood in his small Southern hometown near 30A, where all the fish in the water mysteriously headed to the shore. The entire community rushed to the beach, gathered the fish into baskets, and reveled in the wonder of the moment. This track is a meditation on childhood innocence, urging listeners to take their time and be present, low key, the best way to enjoy the beach.

"I'm a hopeless romantic. I imagined Chris as a little boy, before we ever met, witnessing this extraordinary event that unified everyone. When we met, we didn't take our time. I was ready for that next step. It's about seizing your chance. The summer jubilee phenomenon only lasts a few minutes as these fish flood the shore. You have to act right now—you have to grab them. You have to love me right now. It's a fleeting window of time that you can't let pass you by."

- Gileah Taylor

"Summer Jubilee" resonates with its classic yet fresh feel, like an old friend who can always bring a smile, making it an ideal anthem for reflective moments by the sea or during a leisurely evening on the shores of 30A.

For those evenings when the beach fades into the backdrop of clinking glasses and whispered conversations, let Slow Parade play in the background, enriching every beach memory. As Taylor herself suggests, this is music that rewards the patient listener, unfolding its profound depth and breathtaking beauty with each repeat play. With thoughtful perspectives on modern life and romantic optimism, Slow Parade touches on longtime love and the hope found in moments of loss, all held together by Taylor's distinctively unpretentious and emotionally stirring vocals.

In 2024, as Slow Parade contends for Album of the Year, it's more than just a musical achievement—it's a part of the 30A experience. Whether you're lounging under the sun, exploring local art galleries, or enjoying a quiet evening on the deck, Gileah Taylor's new album is your quintessential soundtrack to a reflective and unforgettable vacation on Florida's Emerald Coast.

Get the Album

For those eager to dive into the soulful sounds of Slow Parade, the album is readily available for streaming on a wide range of platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp. True music enthusiasts can also enjoy the tactile pleasures of physical media—Vinyl, CD, and Cassette are available for purchase through Velvet Blue Music, offering a richer, more authentic listening experience that resonates with the album's nostalgic vibes. No matter your preferred way of enjoying music, Slow Parade is here to cater to your needs.

Don't miss the chance to make Gileah Taylor's Slow Parade a part of your 30A soundtrack and take a piece of the Emerald Coast with you, wherever you go.

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