Deion Sanders' PRIMEs vs. Classic Sunglasses

Shine Bright in Destin: Comparing Classic Shades and PRIMEs

Posted on 10/3/2023

Retired MLB & NFL Superstar Deion Sanders has recently single-handedly reignited the nation's love for college football. His $29.5 million contract as coach of the Colorado University Buffaloes seems like they may not be paying him enough when you consider the over $90 million in advertising dollars equivalency he's brought to the state of Colorado (ESPN). The crux of his popularity is highlighted by a partnership with Blenders Eyewear and the creation of the ridiculously popular COACH PRIME line of sunglasses.

The specs first caught the eye of the public when Deion caught flack from a fellow coach for attending an after-game press conference wearing the stellar Blenders shades and a hoody. He brushed off the comments and made a cool $1.5M in sales overnight (Officially, we support wearing sunglasses to any & all events here at the beach). Sanders made a few calls and, within days, had a star-studded menagerie of celebrities, sports stars, musicians, and famous chefs wearing his distinctive eyewear in support of his casually elegant style. The list included The Rock, and after his single appearance on ESPN, Blenders sales jumped up over $4M! The PRIME's design is high sports luxury. The single-piece frame and lens are equally at home on the football field, as they are on an 80-foot yacht or even that national press conference you may have coming up. We thought it might be fun to pair them with our world-class beaches to see how they match up against the best classic eyewear in Destin...

Here are some of our favorite Destin beach scenes re-imagined with this season's hottest eyewear. Compare and contrast them with these classic styles, then grab your favorite pair of sunglasses and meet us on the shore!

Chanel Butterflies Vs. PRIME 21 Black

Chanel Butterflies Vs. PRIME 21 Gold

On Miramar Beach, this woman’s smile sparkles as bright as the sun above. She wears classic Chanel Butterflies, the all-black frames contrasting with her jet-black hair. It’s the epitome of effortless elegance and cool. But if you think this is the peak of cool, think again. For the Colorado Buffaloes fans ready to showcase their pride even on the beach, the PRIME 21 glasses are the answer. The all-black design carries the Buffaloes’ spirit, echoing the rich traditions of Colorado University. With the PRIME 21s, you’re not just beach-ready; you're game-day ready.

Ray-Ban Aviators Vs. PRIME 21 Black

Ray-Ban Aviators Vs. PRIME 21 Black

This Grayt-Mom is sporting some very slick, late-model Ray-Ban Aviators and a take-charge attitude. She's adept at navigating the waterway traffic in Grayton Beach, on the Western Lake outflow, and looks like she could pull you over for going 10 mph over on Scenic Highway 30A. Our inner mom voice has taken over, demanding that everyone should be entitled to protective yet stylish eyewear; we opted for PRIME 21 Black, all the way around, and arrived in style for this paddle board taxi.

Ray-Ban Double Bridge + Boyfriend 2s Vs. PRIME 21 Gold

Ray-Ban Round Double Bridge + Boyfriend 2s Vs. PRIME 21 Gold

Caught in the timeless epic tug-o-war battle for a giant lobster floatie (if we had a nickel for every time this happened in Destin), our adventurous duo has opted for some Ray-Ban Round Double Bridge RB 4253s and the ultra-cool Boyfriend 2s, respectively. The world may never know who emerges victorious in this seaside skirmish, but one thing is clear: they're both winners in the style stakes. Bathed in the golden glow of the sun, these beachgoers are the epitome of summer elegance, making the PRIME 21 Golds the perfect choice for a day of fun and frolic on the sands of Destin.

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Ray-Ban Aviators + Tom Ford Garrett Vs.

PRIME 21 Gold

Stepping off the scooter for a sun-soaked beach stroll, a stylish couple dons the classic Ray-Ban Aviator RB 3025s and chic Tom Ford Garrett shades as they amble from the Crab Trap in Destin. With a future as bright as the Florida sun, the PRIME 21 Golds are their go-to choice, mirroring the golden hues of the sunset. As they lock eyes during the golden hour on the beach, their shades reflect not just the sun's glow, but also their radiant love, making every moment a stylish affair.

PRIME 21 Gold Vs. BVLGARI Tortoiseshell

BVLGARI Tortoiseshell Vs Prime

Sailing has clearly taken this young lady away, in this case, to Crab Island by the Destin Bridge. Her Bvlgari tortoiseshell shades have a purple gradient lens that makes everything just a little bit more beautiful and rose-colored as she sails on the calm seas. Coach Sander's preferred pair seems to be the Golds, and we'd have to agree. Reflecting the emerald green waters of the Choctawhatchee Bay, this sailor's Gold sunglasses give her just a bit more style, if that's even possible.

Costa Reeftons Vs. PRIME 21 Black

Costa Reeftons Vs. PRIME 21

If you're lucky enough to be fishing Destin's beach, then you're lucky enough. This shore fisherman is sporting a pair of Costa Reeftons, as he reels in a monster Redfish from the Gulf of Mexico. His lenses have a dark, bluish, non-reflective finish. PRIME 21 Black are the best choice here. He can fish without disturbing or scaring off the fish, with less reflectivity and a glare factor that's down to absolute zero.

Seize the Sunshine: Book Your Destin Beach Getaway Now!

Right now, the world can't get enough of Coach Deion, and the buzz around PRIME glasses is electrifying. In the same vein, the allure of Destin and 30A beaches is drawing crowds like never before, making our vacation rentals the hottest properties around. Don't miss out on the wave of excitement! Secure your spot of paradise and bask in the glorious sun with the perfect shades to complement your style. Dive into the experience and find your dream vacation rental here on our website.

Special Thanks to The Eye Gallery Destin

Heading to the beach and realized you're missing that perfect pair of shades? Don't sweat it! The experts at The Eye Gallery at the Destin Commons, who graciously lent their insight for this article, have got you covered. Nestled right by the fountains, it's your one-stop destination for the chicest eyewear in the Florida Panhandle. Whether you're on the hunt for the latest trends or classic, beach-ready styles, their extensive collection featuring exclusive brands like Tom Ford, Prada, and Gucci won't disappoint. Drop by, and their on-site opticians will help you snag a frame that's just as fabulous as you are, ensuring you hit the sands in ultimate style. Your flawless beach look is just a visit away. See you there, sunshine!

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