Grayton Beach Cottages

The Grayton Beach Cottages name is somewhat a misnomer as they are not small cottages but large lovely beach homes. There are just over ten homes aptly located on Cottage Street. They boast a phenomenal location in the very heart of the enchanting laid back historic village center of Grayton Beach. These charming Old Florida-styled homes are two and three stories tall with columned lower-level verandas along with upper-level balconies. They include between three to six bedrooms and accommodations for up to sixteen beach-loving guests. Some are split into duplexes with separate upper and lower level beach vacation residences.

This locale borders the gorgeous gulf and the precious setting of Western Lake. Coastal Dune lakes of this kind are rare natural treasures found hardly anywhere else in the world. Creek-like tributaries flow intermittently across sandy dunes, flowing in opposite directions related to the low and high tides. This magical mixture of salted artisan spring-fed water supports a thriving habitat for wildlife, a wide variety of fish, and lots of waterfowl.

A village dock is conveniently nearby, which allows you to launch a paddleboard or kayak to explore the lovely lake and try your luck fishing. You can easily walk the short distance away to the sugary shoreline and shallow creek-like connection to the glittering emerald-toned gulf. This Coastal Dune Lake and shimmering shoreline borders nearly 2,000 acres of the highly acclaimed Grayton Beach State Park on the other side. This state park was recently reported to be one of the most beautiful beaches in America in Forbes after completing an extensive nationwide environmental shore report. Grayton Beach Cottages also has a nice community swimming pool available for guests as a fun, refreshing option.

This privileged residential setting is only a short arrow’s shot away from the historic original Grayton Beach village center. It provides a charming, laid-back setting of wonderful golden years. The famous Red Bar is also located here. It features excellent food, craft cocktails, wine, beer, and live musical entertainment. The unique Zoo Gallery across the street features an array of colorful decorative art, jewelry, and beach-inspired furnishings created by select artists nationwide. Next door, the Tribe Kelley Surf Post offers a wide array of fashionable coastal clothing and handpicked shore-styled accouterments. Nearby, the Chiringo’s Restaurant and Bar features Spanish Tapas, seafood, favorite drinks, and seasonal entertainment. The famous AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar is only a minute away by car featuring delicious gulf caught entrees and rollicking live bands every night.

Grayton Beach Cottages is also a short distance away from many other restaurants, beach bars, fashion boutiques, and specialty shops in other picturesque coastal villages. Nearby Seaside and the Santa Rosa Beach village center of Gulf Place host outdoor amphitheater concerts and fun festivals throughout the year.

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This cheerfully updated four-bedroom vacation home known as "Down By The Sea" is actually right near the gulf in the charming village of Grayton Beach. The first-floor columned corner front porch and open balcony above have exceptional views of the Gulf of Mexico and Western Lake, a rare coastal dune lake found in very few places around the globe.
This vacation residence is part of a duplex that has one "up" and one "down." Each unit has three bedrooms and accommodates nine guests, making it possible to have a big beach reunion all in separate quarters. It is located in the charming village center of Grayton Beach. This locale is very close to the beautiful beach, the jeweled waters of the g
This vacation residence is part of a duplex that has one "up" and one "down." Each unit has three bedrooms and accommodates nine guests making it possible to have a big beach reunion all in separate quarters. Located in the original center of Grayton Beach, this locale is close to the beach, the jeweled waters of the gulf and plenty of delightful d

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