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Posted on 10/2/2015

Time to curl up with a good book! You can always do so in your own comfy bed, couch or lounge chair but when do you find the time with the hectic pace of work and the kid's never ending activities. Maybe you could read on a plane during your next business trip - if it wasn't for the fact that you are usually preparing for your next meeting. Well the perfect time to get into that thriller, mystery or hot novel is while you are on vacation away from it all. And what better place to do so than while sitting on a sugar white sand beach with the soothing surf in the background that shimmers with its ever present jewel toned colors along the Emerald Coast. Or perhaps you may enjoy that book sunning poolside while the kids splash and play. Many of our Ocean Reef Resorts guests can do both since we offer more accommodations with beachside pools in Destin, Miramar Beach and along Scenic 30A than anyone else. They include everything from large beachfront villas to luxurious condominiums to cozy cottages. Now that you discovered the perfect place to begin looking for your own private "book nook" in paradise what should you read? It might be the latest best seller from James Patterson or local author John Grisham. However if you are in between books and looking for some local flavor we have three interesting recommendations.

Grayton Beach Library

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The whole setting for these books is located in a place of natural splendor since all three of them take place in a special world of its own. The unique lovely locale is a place out of time and space. A pastoral countryside that is dotted by a number of precious coastal dune lakes that are found in very few places in the world. Great Blue Herons and White Egrets patrol the shores of these lakes in search of the abundant fish while Osprey or Eagles soar high above. Squadrons of Pelicans join them with V shaped formations in the sky especially during fall migration. Thousands of acres of untouched pristine forest parallel the powdery white dunes that overlook the beautiful beach with a dazzling expanse of water that shimmers in colors that range from aquamarine to peridot to emerald tones. Meticulously planned, laid back picture perfect villages with charming nostalgic architecture, white picket fences, gracious columned front porches and old fashioned town greens line a two lane county road along the same route. As many of you may have already guessed that setting is South Walton's Scenic 30A!

30A Supper Club
The first book is called 30A Supper Club written by Liza Elliott who lives in Birmingham but spends as much time as possible with her husband at their home in Seagrove Beach. Besides being an author Ms. Elliott is also an oil painter specializing in portraits with work found in both private and corporate collections. Seagrove Beach and the scenic world of 30A inspired her book which is a deeply southern mystery novel that features family secrets, illicit affairs, fraud and murder. Lifelong friends and members of the 30A Supper Club protect deep dark secrets that date back to the Civil War. The drama begins when the heroine discovers a mysterious gold coin that washes upon the beautiful beach and investigates its origins. Her exploration uncovers a startling multi-generational tale of intrigue. She ultimately reveals the history and its unholy source which sheds light on an astonishing family secret dating back to the Confederacy.

Grayton Winds
The other two books both take place in the old South Walton town of Grayton  Beach located on the gulf just off Scenic 30A. One of them is called Grayton Winds by author Michael Lindley. Mr. Lindley lives in Michigan and has written three books of which "Grayton Winds" is his latest. He was inspired to include Grayton Beach as part of the location for his book that also includes Atlanta and even Paris. The book is a fictional historical love story and family saga that takes place in the Roaring 1920s during the decadently wild prohibition period. The hero Mathew Coulter seeks sanctuary in a remote idyllic beach town that is based on Grayton Beach. He is fleeing his powerful ruthless family who is controlling the illegal liquor trade in 1920s Atlanta. The story begins with reflections of his past on his 85th birthday when he meets a blind ten year old girl who starts a trip down "memory lane". It is a story of interesting historical social dynamics, bitter family betrayals and the heartbreak of lost loves from his early years. The gifted young lady begins him on a journey that heals his wounded haunted soul and changes his life perspectives in a profoundly good way.

Grayton Beach Affair
The third book is called Grayton Beach Affair by James Harvey is a racy, romantic love story with lots of international intrigue which takes place during World War II. The interesting story accurately depicts actions that include German submarines off the Gulf Coast as well as the war itself, deception, a murder and a hot steamy affair. The protagonist Christian Wolfe is a German American who ends up stuck in Germany and is forced by the Nazi government to rescue a captured high ranking weapons scientist who is interred in a POW camp near the Gulf Coast. He meets a young woman named Maggie who has moved to South Walton's Grayton Beach after the death of her fiancé and becomes engaged to her boss's son. Their lives collide while he is on his mission resulting in a death as well as a thrilling story of action, espionage, passion and Southern romance. The main characters are parted by the war but not their love for each other which leads to its conclusion.

As each of these books can envelop you into another world you may read it in the familiar surroundings of their wonderful background location along Scenic 30A. We have lots of special book nooks available where you may enjoy reading at your leisure either on the beach, poolside or both. Take a few minutes to breeze through our user friendly website to find current vacation rental properties available up and down Scenic 30A or nearby. Our listings in South Walton will take you there and show satellite map locations, images, property descriptions, seasonal rates and dates of availability. Have a good read!

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