Light Lunch on 30A

Savoring the Coastal Flavors of South Walton's Beach Communities

Posted on 10/13/2023

Welcome to the Ocean Reef Resorts Travel Blog, your trusted source for local insights and delightful discoveries along the scenic stretch of 30A in South Walton. As the largest locally owned company in the area, we take immense pride in sharing our extensive knowledge with travelers eager to experience the authentic charm of our beloved region of Northwest Florida. This guide is lovingly crafted for those who seek to savor the diverse and delectable dining options that dot the picturesque landscapes of 30A.

Embark on a west-to-east culinary journey through the vibrant communities along 30A, exploring quaint cafes, innovative delis, and vibrant eateries that define the local food scene. Each spot offers a unique flavor palette, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry and the warm hospitality of 30A. Whether you're indulging in a gourmet poke bowl at Chef's 30A Deli in Gulf Place, relishing the Southern charm of Cowgirl Kitchen in Blue Mountain, or unwinding with a glass of fine wine at The Wine Bar at WaterColor, these establishments promise not only exquisite meals but also a taste of the local lifestyle.

This guide ensures that whether you're here for a night, a week, or planning a lifetime stay with our real estate division, your dining experiences will be as memorable as the stunning 30A sunsets. Dive in and prepare your senses for a delightful exploration of the best light lunch spots in all of the vibrant South Walton communities, where every meal is a celebration of flavors, community, and the timeless beauty of our coastal haven. Enjoy the journey and dine like a true local with Ocean Reef Resorts. Your adventure in taste and tradition begins now.

Featured 30A Eateries Quick Guide

Chef's 30A Deli Development

Chef's 30A Deli Lunch

118 Spires Ln, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Chef's 30A Deli, conveniently located in Gulf Place, invites patrons to indulge in Chef Justin's exceptional culinary creations. From satisfying breakfasts to delightful lunches, the menu offers a wide range of options, including customizable poke bowls, luxurious Wagyu beef burgers, and an assortment of hot and cold sandwiches. The poke bowls are a standout, offering a variety of proteins, unlimited toppings, and an array of delectable sauces. Whether you're in the mood for a classic cheeseburger, a Cuban sandwich, or a fresh Caesar salad, Chef's 30A Deli guarantees a gratifying meal for every taste. Hidden in plain sight, the deli is a gem that assures a dining experience worth discovering. Embark on a unique 30A culinary adventure by making a reservation today at 850-533-7643.

Mimmo's 30A

Mimmo's 30A Lunch

2700 W County Hwy 30A, Blue Mountain, FL 32459

Mimmo's Ristorante Italiano, located in Blue Mountain Beach right on Scenic Highway 30A, is a haven for authentic Italian cuisine. Owned by Mimmo La Innusa, the restaurant prides itself on serving dishes steeped in Sicilian family tradition. Open seven days a week, Mimmo's is celebrated for its fabulous Italian food, impeccable service, and warm family hospitality, making it a beloved choice in South Walton. The extensive lunch menu includes a variety of appetizers like Bruschetta and Calamari Fritti, sandwiches such as the Chicken Parm Sandwich and The Sicilian, and a range of salads and pastas. Pizza and calzone lovers will be delighted with options like the Margherita and Calzone Casereccio. The restaurant also offers a full cocktail menu and a delightful selection of desserts, including the classic Tiramisu and Nutella Pizza. Discover the flavors of Italy at Mimmo's, where every meal is a celebration of tradition and taste. Contact the "Santa Rosa Beach" location for a reservation and enjoy a delightful Italian feast in the heart of Florida's Emerald Coast.

Cowgirl Kitchen (Blue Mountain)

Cowgirl Kitchen Lunch

2252 W County Hwy 30A, Blue Mountain, FL 32459

Cowgirl Kitchen in Blue Mountain Beach is a delightful spot for a light lunch on 30A, exuding a lovable and sassy charm while offering a range of Southwestern-style bites. This vibrant nook is perfect for those who enjoy meals with moxie and entertaining with ease. The menu features a variety of options from nachos and meatloaf plates to a diverse range of tacos including drunken shrimp and vegetarian green chile tacos. For a lighter fare, opt for the Beachy Shrimp Roll or the Powerhouse Hummus Wrap, and don't miss out on their array of salads like the fresh house salad or the hearty chopped salad. Cowgirl Kitchen also offers a selection of to-go casseroles, salads, soups, and dips, making it a convenient choice for picnics with panache. The dessert and beverage menu, including their famous Bloody Mary and a selection of beers and wines, complements the meal perfectly, ensuring a satisfying dining experience. Visit Cowgirl Kitchen for a laid-back lunch experience where fun meets flavor in every dish.

Red Fish Taco

2052 W County Hwy 30A, Blue Mountain, FL 32459

Red Fish Taco in Blue Mountain Beach is a must-visit for a light lunch on 30A, embodying the ultimate beach pop-up vibe. Born from a passion for chef-driven fish, shrimp, and street taco fare, it promises a funky and fun-paced environment paired with local music. The casual and fun atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a range of dishes from the menu. Start with the Tres Dippers, a combination of guacamole, queso, and RFT pico, or opt for the Sizzling Shrimp Queso. The Taco Salad is a light and refreshing choice, with options to top it with grilled redfish, blackened shrimp, or grilled avocado. For a heartier meal, the quesadillas and soft flour tacos, including the Grilled Redfish and Blackened Shrimp Tacos, are a delight. The menu also offers hot pressed Cuban sandwiches and a variety of sides like the Mexican Grilled Corn and Sidewinder Fries. End your meal on a sweet note with their Key Lime Pie or freshly baked cookies. Red Fish Taco not only offers a feast for the taste buds but also a celebration of beach vibes, music, and good times with friends.

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Stock & Brew Cafe

Stock & Brew Cafe

2668 US-98 #1101, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Stock & Brew Café in Santa Rosa Beach is a hidden gem, quickly becoming a local favorite for a light lunch near 30A. This modern and elegant café, located at The District, offers a European-inspired atmosphere where guests can savor coffee, delicate bites, and sweet treats. The café's house specialties include unique beverages like the Caffeine Comfort, a quad oat-milk latte with CBD and cinnamon, and the Coco Palm, a blend of matcha, lavender, CBD, and coconut milk. For a light and nutritious lunch, opt for their savory options. The Avocado & Tomato Sandwich, packed with fresh vegetables and vegan chipotle mayo, is a delightful choice, or enjoy the cool and crunchy Cucumber Sub filled with chicken, pimento, or tuna salad. The Quesadilla, customizable with chicken or pork, is a warm and cheesy delight. Pair your meal with a cup of their rich tomato basil soup, or opt for the Grilled Cheese/Soup Combo for a comforting lunch experience. Stock & Brew Café not only satisfies your hunger but also offers a serene and stylish environment to relax.

Black Bear Bread Co. (Grayton Beach)

Black Bear Bread Co. Lunch

26 Logan Ln Unit G, Grayton Beach, FL 32459

Nestled in the heart of 30A in Grayton Beach, Black Bear Bread Co. is a breakfast-centric haven that seamlessly transitions into an exquisite spot for a light lunch. Situated in The Shops of Grayton, just north of the scenic Highway 30A, this charming eatery offers a range of freshly baked pastries, naturally leavened breads, and robust Stumptown Coffee. Choose to relish your meal in the ambient courtyard or within the stylish confines of one of their two buildings. Indulge in their featured libations like the classic Mimosa or the unique Sake Bloody, or opt for a hearty breakfast sandwich like the Bacon, Egg & Cheese or Paris Ham, available on a biscuit or croissant. For lunch, don't miss the Grass Fed Burger, served on a brioche bun with caramelized onion, horseradish aioli, and Gruyere, with options to add fried egg or bacon. For a lighter fare, the Avocado tartine or the Grains dish with soft eggs, farro, quinoa, and fresh herbs offer a nutritious and delightful meal. Committed to quality and freshness, Black Bear Bread Co. ensures the use of seasonal produce and responsible sourcing in their diverse menu, making it a must-visit destination for both early risers and those seeking a leisurely, satisfying lunch. The café is open from Sunday to Saturday, 7 am to 2 pm, standing as a convenient and accessible dining spot in Grayton Beach, Florida.

Grayton Corner Cafe & Wine Shop

Grayton Corner Cafe Lunch

14 Clayton Ln #16, Grayton Beach, FL 32459

Grayton Corner Cafe & Wine Shop is a cozy and welcoming 30A eatery and wine shop that promises a delightful dining experience. Open Monday to Saturday from 1 pm to 6 pm, the cafe prides itself on serving fresh and comforting lunches with a homemade touch. The daily changing menus keep the dining experience exciting and diverse, offering delectable items like Croissants filled with Chicken or Shrimp Salad, hearty Sausage Gumbo, and unique specials like Green Chile Pork Tostadas on Tostada Tuesdays. The Meyer Lemon Cheesecake and Key Lime Pie stand out as sweet, citrusy dessert options, while the Fried Chicken and Tamale Plates offer a satisfying, hearty meal. The cafe's commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients is evident in its delicious vegetable dishes and flavorful Red Beans and Rice. Beyond the food, Grayton Corner Cafe boasts a warm and friendly atmosphere, making it a favorite local spot for both casual lunches and regular wine dinners. It's a convenient and must-visit destination for those in the area seeking a meal that feels like home!


Chiringo Lunch

63 Hotz Ave, Grayton Beach, FL 32459

In the heart of historic Grayton Beach, Chiringo offers a delightful light lunch experience with serious beach vibes. Opt for outdoor seating, a spot at the bar, or a high-top table, or head upstairs to soak in the stunning scenery. This casual 30A beachside bar and eatery is a blend of global beach flavors and Southern charm, making it a beloved spot for both locals and visitors. The menu is a testament to freshness and flavor, with options like the gluten-free Tuna Poke with sesame soy vinaigrette and guacamole, and the Snapper Dip made with hickory-smoked snapper, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and spices. For a heartier option, the Grass-Fed Burger is a must-try, served on a brioche bun with caramelized onion, horseradish aioli, and Gruyere. The fun menu also features a range of bowls, salads, and tacos, ensuring there's something for every palate. Don't miss out on their specialty cocktails, like the Billy Ocean with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, ginger, pineapple, and mango topped with Meyer's Dark Rum, perfect for sipping as you enjoy the beach ambiance. Find Chiringo in iconic Grayton Beach, where beach flavors meet southern charm for a memorable dining experience.

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Exploring Grayton Beach

Packed with a petite downtown, architectural nooks & crannies, and if you look carefully, you can see the timeline of Grayton Beach unfold before your eyes. Expendable cracker shacks, made of local lumber, built to be swept out to sea long ago, share the pristine terrain with four-story-high stone castles of intricate design.

The Wine Bar (WaterColor)

The Wine Bar WaterColor Lunch

1735 E County Hwy 30A, WaterColor, FL 32459

Situated along the picturesque scenery of 30A, The Wine Bar at WaterColor is an ideal destination for a delightful light lunch. This elegant spot offers both a casual and sophisticated ambiance, allowing guests to relish gourmet meals on spacious patios or within the immaculate confines of their dining room. The lunch menu is a culinary delight with small plates like the flavorful smoked snapper dip and decadent baked brie. Sandwich enthusiasts can savor options such as the Cuban Press, Smoked Turkey Club, or a fresh catch, each crafted with the finest ingredients. The Wine Bar also stands out for its fire-roasted brick oven pizzas and exceptional salads, including the Mediterranean Tuna Salad, renowned as one of the best on 30A. However, the true pièce de résistance is their Grand Cru and Premier Cru Boards. These boards are a gastronomic adventure laden with an exquisite selection of cheeses, premium meats, and fine accouterments, ensuring a memorable dining experience in the heart of 30A.

The C-Bar

C-Bar Seaside Lunch

87 Central Square #4899, Seaside, FL 32459

Since its inception in 2022, C-Bar has been a beacon of joy and delight for both locals and visitors in Seaside, Florida. Nestled right next to the famed Great Southern Cafe, it shares the same extensive and delectable menu, ensuring a plethora of choices for every palate. As you approach the C-Bar, the excitement is palpable. Choose to unwind at their upcycled shipping container, a unique and eco-friendly touch, or grab a refreshing drink to go as you explore the charming surroundings of Seaside. The menu is a gastronomic adventure, from the New Orleans-style seafood Gumbo and Cracker Meal-Crusted Blue Crab Claws to the soulful Soul Rolls filled with chicken and collard greens. Sandwich lovers can indulge in the C-Bar Burger or the unique Carson, a sweet tea-marinated fried chicken sandwich with candied bacon and fried green tomato. For a heartier meal, the Grits À Ya Ya, a sumptuous dish of blackened shrimp on a bed of smoked Gouda cheese grits, is a must-try. The C-Bar is open daily from 11 am to 9 pm.

Modica Market

Modica Market Seaside Lunch

109 Central Square, Seaside, FL 32459

In the heart of Seaside, Modica Market stands as a convenient grocery store, offering an array of grab-and-go foods with both indoor and outdoor seating available in the nearby Central Green. Experience the warmth of homemade Southern specialties and gourmet-to-go meals for all times of the day. The market boasts a diverse collection of wines, craft beers, and unique condiments, ensuring every food enthusiast finds something to relish. Enjoy hot, homemade soups, sandwiches, and other Southern delights daily, and don't forget to indulge in their delectable desserts, including chocolate, caramel, and carrot cakes. The market buzzes with life during Craft Beer "pint nights" and wine tastings, making every hour a happy one. Their lunch specials, available from the end of August to the beginning of March, offer a rotating menu from BBQ pulled pork on a homemade jonny cake to fish tacos, and the much-loved fried grouper po-boy on Fridays. Visit Modica Market at Seaside for a unique, gourmet grocery experience and a taste of Southern hospitality and flavors.

Seagrove MarketCafé

Seagrove Village MarkeCafé Lunch

2976 S. Highway 395, Seagrove Beach, FL 32459

Since 1949, Seagrove Village MarketCafé has been a beloved part of the Seagrove community, offering a nostalgic beach experience along Florida's scenic Highway 30A. Generations have returned to enjoy the unchanged menu featuring the best burgers and fried seafood baskets on 30A, alongside newer additions like po' boy sandwiches, fresh salads, and fish tacos. Beyond the delectable dining, the market offers classic Seagrove merchandise, including t-shirts and hats, perfect for taking home a piece of Seagrove Beach. The current owners, Ann and George Hartley, who took over in 1999, continue the tradition of serving world-famous po' boys, a variety of tacos, and delightful nibbles like smoked tuna dip. The café also offers a range of seafood baskets, salads, and sandwiches, ensuring every guest finds a meal to love. Children have a special place here too, with a menu crafted just for them. Round off your meal with a slice of Southern Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie or Homemade Key Lime Pie, and choose from a selection of wines and beers to complement your meal, making every visit to Seagrove Village MarketCafé a cherished memory.

Fonville Press

Fonville Press Market Lunch

23 Somerset Street, Alys Beach, FL 32413

In the heart of Alys Beach, the much-anticipated return of Fonville Press Market Café is celebrated, reimagined and expanded, yet steeped in the legacy of its namesake, John Fonville. This stunning and central gathering place in a bustling Gulf-front community is a tribute to a life lived simply and beautifully. Here, you can grab a bottle of wine and a specialty flatbread to go, order fresh fish to prepare at home with specialty groceries and accouterments, or enjoy cocktails with friends on the plaza. The menu, open daily from 7 am to 8 pm, promises a range of salads like the Asian Fried Chicken and Fonville Market Salad, sandwiches such as the Royale With Cheese and The Cubano, and breakfast options including the delectable Pistachio & Rose Water Croissant and hearty Breakfast Flatbread. Indulge in the Rotisserie Chicken flatbread or the Margarita for dinner, each promising a burst of flavors. The café also offers a selection of soups, shareables, and a kids' menu, ensuring something for everyone. Visitors will also enjoy a highly curated selection of kitchen staples and specialty groceries, as well as craft coffees and cocktails from the bar. Embrace the legacy, savor the flavors, and make new memories at Fonville Press Market Café, where every visit is a special occasion.

George's At Alys Beach

George's At Alys Beach Lunch

30 N Castle Harbour Dr., Alys Beach, FL 32461

Experience upscale, casual dining at George's at Alys Beach, where regional coastal flair meets global flavors in the heart of Alys Beach, Florida. At George's, every dish is a celebration of locally sourced, organic produce and the freshest seafood, offering a unique culinary journey. Take in the stunning views of Alys Beach from the viewing deck with a drink in hand, or enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere of the downstairs lounge. The diverse menu features options from Sesame Crab & Avocado Salad and Grilled Local Market Fish to Lobster Quesadilla and Grilled Market Fish Tacos. Relish in the flavorful Salmon BLT Wrap or the distinctive Pork Belly Tostada, each dish crafted to perfection. Complement your meal with a choice from the curated wine list, batched cocktails, and decadent desserts. Whether dining indoors, on the screened porches, or the patio areas, George's at Alys Beach promises a delightful and memorable dining adventure in a charming coastal setting. Enjoy the exquisite tastes and relaxed luxury at George's, where every visit is a cherished experience.

La Crema Tapas & Chocolate

La Crema Tapas & Chocolate Lunch

38 Main St, Rosemary Beach, FL 32461

Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Spain at La Crema Tapas & Chocolate, inspired by the renowned tapas and chocolate shops of Madrid and Barcelona. Located in the heart of Rosemary Beach, Florida, La Crema is a hub of Spanish culture and cuisine, echoing the shared climate and coastal freshness of Rosemary Beach and Barcelona. The beautiful courtyard on Main Street sets the perfect scene for a leisurely and delightful dining experience, reminiscent of Spain's passionate and relaxed dining culture. Indulge in an array of traditional and innovative tapas, from Patatas Bravas and Piquillo Peppers to Brussels Sprouts and Ceviche, each dish a testament to the rich flavors of Spain. The secret to La Crema's irresistible desserts lies in the meticulous preparation and the use of specialty chocolate, ensuring a sweet ending to your dining adventure. Whether you're savoring the seafood sourced from Inland Seafood in New Orleans and Water Street Seafood in Apalachicola, or relishing the exquisite tapas and desserts, La Crema promises a unique and unforgettable dining experience, transporting you to the lively streets of Spain with every bite.

30A / Destin Guests Ocean Reef Resorts

As your culinary journey along the coast concludes, extend the adventure by immersing yourself in the unparalleled comfort and luxury of our 30A vacation rentals. At Ocean Reef Resorts, we offer a diverse portfolio of rental properties that provide the perfect retreat for every traveler. Whether you're seeking a cozy beachfront cottage or a lavish home with panoramic Gulf views, our rentals promise exceptional amenities, comfort, and convenience, ensuring a memorable stay amidst the stunning scenery of the shore. Revel in the vibrant communities, pristine beaches, and the myriad of local attractions and dining spots, all at your doorstep. Embark on a journey of exploration, relaxation, and indulgence, and experience the 30A like a local with Ocean Reef Resorts. Your unforgettable getaway begins now. 

Welcome to the ultimate vacation experience. Welcome to 30A. Welcome to Ocean Reef Resorts.

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