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South Walton’s The 30A Company on GMA

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Hey 30A, we’ve got some exciting news to share! Guess who made it on to America’s number one, most-watched morning show? That’s right. South Walton’s born and bred The 30A Company was featured on Good Morning America this past Summer. Tory Johnson of Good Morning America reaches millions of viewers with her famous “Deals & Steals” segment of the morning show. In June, the segment theme focused on “Go Green, Choose Clean,” and The 30A Company was one of the lucky six brands chosen to be featured!

No matter where you live, it’s almost impossible to go for a drive and not pass by a vehicle with the iconic aqua blue 30A sticker plastered on the back of it. The 30A Company created and has given away over 2 million of these stickers in partnership with various coastal charities. They are an instantly recognizable symbol of love for 30A beachgoers. This brand was established in 2008 and strives to embody the lifestyle and attitude of our laid back and scenic stretch of beach. Most importantly, the 30A brand is focused on creating eco-friendly products to promote sustainability and environmental health so that many more can enjoy our special oasis for years to come.

The 30A Company
The 30A company shirts are so super-soft and so comfortable that it’s hard to believe they were created from recycled plastic bottles! The 30A company purchases plastic bottles from landfills, shreds the bottles, spins the plastic with recycled cotton, and turns them into shirts. Since their inception, they have already prevented 3 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfills and our oceans. Eco-friendly water-based ink is used to print their designs, and products are shipped in recycled materials. Catchy phrases like “BEACH HAPPY” and “LIFE SHINES” are registered trademarks of The 30A Company and adorn apparel, accessories, gifts, and more.

More and more people from all over the world are discovering what makes our 24-mile stretch of beach so special. It’s more important than ever to promote local and sustainable brands like The 30A Company, and apparently, even Good Morning America agrees! Come on down to South Walton and pick up a recycled 30A shirt to remember the memories until you can come back again.