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Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Founded by Jessica and Chandler Williams, Rock Paper Scissors 30A is a new creation studio in Grayton Beach that is on a mission to ensure kids don’t lose their creativity as they get older. As the artist behind Modus Photography, Chandler knows first-hand that fostering youthful creativity can one day become a fun and lucrative career. 

Like Picasso, the Williams recognize that kids are bubbling with unlimited imagination and vision, but that doesn’t always extend into adulthood. Whether they feel doubt or a lack of motivation, many kids’ artistic creativity wanes over time. To combat this, Rock Paper Scissors 30A provides a creation space that encourages creativity in children from a young age so they can carry with them a passion and desire for imaginative thinking throughout their lives.

Rock Paper Scissors 30A offers art classes for children as young as three years old. The studio is serious about encouraging young artists! Rather than pushing strict rules and techniques, these classes are intended to allow kids to express their own artistic freedom. In this way, kids will not feel pressured to adhere to a specific “right” way of doing things. They can explore their own avenues of creation, which results in a variety of unique art that is meaningful to its creator! Classes use a variety of mediums, crafts, and hand-on-activities to inspire artistic exploration.

Art Class Grayton Beach

The classes are mostly divided into classes for ages 3-5 and classes for ages 6 and up. For the youngsters, many of the class projects are a little (or a lot) messy. Of course, the little ones love this! From finger painting and watercolor to glue and glitter, Rock Paper Scissors 30A encourage kids to get their hands dirty. Once finished, each young artist will be so excited to show off his or her work to everyone they meet! The classes for older age groups expands the use of art mediums, explores a variety of creation techniques, and studies art from around the world. These also support creative use of each participant’s imagination. No art leaves looking exactly the same as someone else’s! If your child can’t attend a class, don’t worry. The creative studio provides a number of make-and-take projects available for the kids during its Open Studio time.

We recently partnered with Rock Paper Scissors 30A for the Reef Rewards Program. What does this mean? Ocean Reef guests receive 10% off their entire purchase at the creative studio! This includes art classes, open studio time projects, and make-and-take art kits. Whether it’s a rainy day, you need to escape the heat, or your kids just want to create, Rock Paper Scissors is a great activity for visitors to South Walton!