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39 Brews by the Beach @ Growler Garage!

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How much do you love craft beer? How much do you love 30A? How much do you love the beach?

If you answered a lot to any of the above questions, please read on. If you're looking for the most craft beers in one place, don't look farther than Growler Garage. Their tagline is brews by the beach, and that's an understatement. This little underweight hole in the wall brewpub features the most craft brews anywhere on 30A. And holy hot hops it's close to the beach, like not even a long drunken stupor across the famed Scenic Highway to Ed Walline Beach Access.

Growler Garage 30A

If you've driven from Gulf Place east to Blue Mountain Beach, You may have missed the subtle storefront, that is, unless you were there from the hours of 5 to 8 PM when the crowds of beer lovers gather to worship these finely crafted concoctions. Once you come inside, you'll see what all the fuss is about. With motorcycles and Hotrod paraphernalia strewn around every nook and cranny of this 500 square-foot bar, the one thing that strikes you is the ridiculous number of beers they have on tap. 39. 39 Amazing craft-brewed beers. Pro tip: the beer taps here start at number 6, don't order anything lower, or you'll end up with wine! AND NOW HERE THEY ARE …

30A Bar

6. Red Brick Laughing Scull: This one is hoppy to be here right off the bat, overall fun drinking beer.

7. Parish Ghost in the Machine: Though to the uninitiated drinking this first tastes like your 8-year-old sister's street lemonade, it finishes with a dill pickle poppy satisfying flavor.

8. Proof Creatures in the Dark: Faux Guinness'esque, this brew features chocolatey flavors that carry through and finish sweet.

Beer Taps 30A

9. Saugatuck Blueberry Lemonade: Some blueberry goodness for sure, but you can't taste the lemonade. This is an easy-drinking brew, not just for the few.

10. New Holland Dragon's Milk: If Killian's Red was a small craft brew it would taste like this, wait this is Killian's Red.

11. Six Point trail Meltdown: Sip and enjoy Italian soda overtones. This beer definitely has an Austrian wheat flair and an above-average effervescence.

12. Destin Emerald Coast: This beer is smooth light fruity, and it goes down fast.

13. Narragansett Dels: Tastes just like Juicy-fruit Gum. With sweet New England saltwater taffy tones, this beer is delightful.

14. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel: The barrel makes it smooth with an orange kick but not overpowering until the flavor fully kicks in. It's a cider for sure, and the mango makes it sweet.

15. Proof Evil Kiss: Tastes like a raspberry Rickie, even looks like a bubbly soda.

16. Idol Hounds Divide and Conch'r: This has to be the craftiest craft beer yet. Hops around like a big bunny.

17. Maui Coconut Hiwa: You can taste the macadamia nuts mixing with chocolate goodness, this one is smooth, tropical, and fun to drink.


18. Swamp Head Big Nose: Wait, what did you call me? Enjoy smooth, hoppy, long flavors that stay with you, the after taste turns into a charming afterthought.

19. Copperpoint A10: You taste this one in the back of your throat, and it goes down smooth and fast.

20. Wicked Weed Pernicious: Definitively smooth flavor this brew is hoppy and very, very crisp on the finish.

Beer on 30A

21. Sweetwater as Long as There's Water: Literally sweet water. Defies definition, delicious light, German wheat beer, very enjoyable.

22. MIA Mega Mix: This mix is funky and skunky. It puts the magic on you, this is a heady beer.

23. Collective Arts Blackberry: This may be wine, no hops, just light passion fruit (may also really be wine) smooth drinking fruity finishes with tangy blackberry for days, flavor stays with you.

24. 81 Bay Reel Slo: This Coca-Cola colored brew features dark hops and has a very Irish punch to it's flowery malt goodness.

25. Bear Republic Racer 5: Thick full-bodied malty and florally, this one goes down fast.

26. 81 Bay Yeastbound & Down: This is a really smooth ale with a yeasty pop; I could drink about 30 of these.

27. Oyster City First Light: We like this brewery, but this is a light beer, it has an ale flavor but finished with a Heineken aftertaste.

28. Sweet Water G13: This one was hopping out the glass, a good double IPA, this beer is foggy and hazy. The pregame special, 9% alcohol so taste it before you drink it, smells amazing, sunny Citrus flavors delight the pallet.

29. Sixpoint Atomic Resin: As far as modern science knows, a quadruple IPA is impossible, but they are working on it. Until then, this triple IPA will have to do the work, but it's not for everybody.

30. Grayton Beer 30A Beach Blonde: The local favorite, this beer tastes like the beach, a pallet cleanser, easy-drinking all day.

31. Weihenstephan Hefe: This delicious wheat beer is like a stroll through the alps. It is refreshing and very hefty.

Craft Beer 30A

32. Lost Coast Tangerine: Fruit, this wheat beer light refreshing, an all-day outdoor beer for day drinkers tangerine, twist so well with the wheat, looking for gluten. This is your stop.

33. Oyster City Mangrove: A soft, melty pale ale with a gentle presentation and lots of mangos.

34. Dog Head 60 Minute: Not smooth, but this beer is a delightfully piney, citrus IPA.

35. Props Blue Berry: A light blueberry Pilsner beer brewed right down the street on 98, very light, creamy ale with vanilla tones smooth and our favorite ale out of the group.

36. Kentucky Vanilla Barrel: This bad boy is brewed in a bourbon barrel and has wild vanilla notes.

 37. Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing: A California IPA with pop. This beer has sharp golden hues and a smooth finish.

38. Maui Pineapple Mana: This Mana has a great island flavor with fruity pineapple notes it feels like you're in the tropics when you pour this wheat brew down.

39. Oyster City Hooter Brown: A robust brown ale that gets its sweet flavor from the local Tupelo Honey that is infused in every swig.

40. Northcoast Scrimshaw: Classic California Pilsner, it's Crisp and clean with a little bit of hop on the end.

41. Kona Longboard Lager: This easy-drinking logger comes from the big island, it has big flavor, and it goes down really smooth, can't drink just one.

42. Original Sin Pineapple Haze: So good. This cider is brewed in New York, with New York State apples and it's crisp, easy-drinking fun, tastes big and great.

43. Ballast Point Grapefruit Skullpin: A tart citrusy IPA with a California crisp bite that isn't overpowered like some with fruity flare, all while maintaining it's grapefruit tartness.

44. Heavy Seas Tropicannon: This one will wake you up with its bright citrus flavors and a bodacious blend of tropical fruits.

45. Lord Hobo Boom Sauce: We saved the best IPA for last, fruity hops upfront on the pallet, only 8% alcohol, average, but it tastes way higher - may just be from trying them all at once!

Abacos 30A

Tasting these crafty concoctions is a delight, we do recommend doing so on a full stomach. When you are done #growling, head right upstairs to our spacious three-bedroom beach condo, Abacos 307! Or as that books beer lovers so often, you may want to check out Gulf Place or any of our other 30A vacation rentals. See you on the beach!