Parasailing in Destin

Your Ultimate Guide to the Thrills of Parasailing over Destin's Emerald Coast!

Posted on 4/16/2024

When you think of Destin, you likely envision its emerald-green waters, sparkling white sand, and picturesque beach scenery. This idyllic paradise attracts vacationers from around the world year-round. As a premier beach destination, Destin appeals to families, couples, friends, laidback beachgoers, and thrill-seekers alike.

Now, imagine elevating your experience by enjoying this stunning oasis from hundreds of feet in the air. That's exactly what parasailing in Destin offers—a thrilling new perspective on the Emerald Coast's natural beauty. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time flyer, parasailing provides sweeping Gulf vistas and shimmering water views that transform completely when viewed from the serenity of the skies above. In the next sections, we'll explore what parasailing is, why Destin is the perfect place for it, and how you can make the most of this exhilarating activity during your visit.

What is Parasailing?

Parasailing is an incredible way to make the most of your beach vacation. It involves flying through the air wearing an open parachute, while a motorboat tows you along behind. Basically, you get the thrill of skydiving or paragliding, but in a less risky environment and with more peace of mind due to safety features.

While participating in any sport involves a certain amount of risk, parasailing is a safe and accessible activity for most people, including families. When parasailing, participants are safely strapped into a harness with a parasail parachute. Depending on the company, you may be able to ride with several friends or as a single rider. A rope connects the harness and the boat, which then lifts the adventurers into the air and pulls them behind the boat, where they will enjoy breathtaking views up to 500 feet in the air. Bonus—the views will be better than those you’d get in a helicopter or a plane, as there is nothing to block the sights. One important thing to note is that you take off and land on the boat, which means you will not get in the water at any point during your voyage.

Parasailing is amazing because there really is nothing better than salty wind blowing your hair and tickling your toes, while taking in magnificent panoramic views of this little paradise!

Why Choose Destin for Parasailing?

So, why should you embark on a parasailing excursion during your next Destin vacation? It’s probably obvious, but in case you’re looking for motivation…it’s because the beauty of Destin is meant to be viewed from above! Destin’s unique geographical location and environmental features make it the ideal parasailing location.

Destin is home to pristine white sand made from fine quartz crystals that traveled to the coast all the way from the Appalachian Mountains. The brilliant white sand, combined with the clear jeweled-toned water, makes for a one-of-a-kind beach setting that is even prettier when you see it on a grand scale from up high. Additionally, the water is often so clear that it is easy to see the abundant sea life that resides beneath the waves when you’re parasailing. You may spot dolphins, rays, sea turtles, and other marine life as you fly above the emerald water. Other sights you may glimpse include pristine coastal dune lakes, the submerged Crab Island in Choctawhatchee Bay, and the natural Florida flora and fauna.

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Best Time to Go Parasailing in Destin

Once you’ve decided to add parasailing to your Destin itinerary, it’s time to choose the best time to go. Fortunately, you can parasail almost any time of day and year along the Emerald Coast, weather permitting.

Spring and summer are ideal times for parasailing, as the Gulf waters are typically calm and the air temperatures are warm. However, this is also peak vacationing season, meaning there will be more crowds, and you may pay higher rates for your parasailing excursion. Because spring and summer are the most popular times to parasail, we recommend booking your parasailing experience in advance to avoid missing out.

If you’re looking for a quieter experience, fall may be the best time to go for you. Temperatures are still warm, but the number of tourists is much lower. The water may be smooth at times, but there is also a chance of choppy, rougher waves, which makes parasailing more difficult.

Winter is colder, with stronger winds and choppier waves. The plus side, though, is that this non-busy season means fewer crowds. Weather permitting, parasailing companies will take you on a winter parasailing excursion. If you’re on board with cooler weather and small crowds, parasailing in the winter might be for you!

As for the time of day, early mornings are usually the best time to go parasailing. The waves are the smoothest, and the wind is at its lowest in the early hours of the day. Less boat traffic and better visibility also mean a higher likelihood of spotting marine life in those jewel-encrusted waves.

Choosing a Parasailing Company

When choosing a parasailing company, there are several factors to consider. Be sure to check out the company’s experience, customer reviews, customer service. It’s also a good idea to ensure that captains and boats are certified by the US Coast Guard (USCG) and adhere to all safety regulations.

Here are a couple of top-rated parasailing companies in Destin to help you get started:

Just Chute Me Destin Parasailing

Just Chute Me

(850) 650-4630

Just Chute Me boasts an incredible 4.9-star rating on Google with over 2.5k reviews. They have over 20 years of experience and received the WSIA Parasail Operator of the Year Award, placing them as a top parasail company in the world. Their fleet of USCG-certified captains and boats ensures a first-rate experience for you and your fellow vacationers. In addition to smaller excursions, you can also book a group of up to 45.

Sun Dogs Parasailing Destin

Sun Dogs Parasailing

(850) 259-1898

Sun Dogs Parasailing is a family-owned operation with over 25 years of parasailing experience. They have a 4.8-star rating on Google and have received “Top Rated” status on TripAdvisor for more than 13 years. The company prides itself on small, intimate parasailing trips, hosting up to six people per boat rather than twelve to fifteen like other companies. They are located at AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar in Destin.

Xtreme H2O Destin Parasailing

Xtreme H2O

(850) 978-3060

As an extreme watersport company known for its adventurous offerings, Xtreme H20 is a popular choice for parasailing in Destin. Boasting a robust 4.7-star rating on Google, Xtreme H20 is renowned for its exceptional service and experienced staff who are dedicated to providing a top-notch parasailing experience. Situated conveniently at the Destin Harbor, this location not only gives easy access to the beautiful Gulf waters but also provides stunning views of the coastline from the air.

What to Expect During Your Parasailing Adventure

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Then, you’ll make your way out to the open waters. In the busy season, your company may offer a shuttle from the dock to the boat to ensure maximum time on the water and time to parasail. The entire trip will typically last anywhere from one to two hours, with actual parasail rides lasting approximately 10-15 minutes. You can typically fly two or three at a time, and you’ll take off from and land on the boat. From the air, you’ll see all the beautiful Destin scenery spread out 360 degrees around you. You may also catch sight of dolphins, turtles, rays, and other animals. Keep an eye out for other landmarks as well, like the Destin Jetties and HarborWalk Village. Most companies offer a photo package, which is a fun way to commemorate your trip. Whether you purchase a photo package or not, you’ll want to bring your camera to snap some pics!

Parasailing Pricing and Packages

The average cost of parasailing in Destin ranges from $55 to $80 per rider. Prices may vary depending on season, availability, and number of riders. Some companies may also offer group, family, early bird, or cash discounts. For example, Sun Dog Parasailing offers a flat $70/person (no added taxes or fees) for those paying in cash. Those choosing to spectate only will not have to pay the full price that flyers will be charged; however, be aware that spectators are only accommodated as space allows.

Preparing for Your Parasailing Experience

To make the most of your parasailing trip, it’s important to prepare. This means wearing the right clothes and bringing the right gear. We suggest wearing flip-flops, sunglasses, and normal boat attire—that’s about all you really need. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Companies will typically let you bring a small bag along as well, so pack it with a towel, water bottle, sunscreen, camera, and your small personal belongings. That’s it! Parasailing is a low-key, laidback activity that doesn’t require much, but results in a lot of fun!

If you’re nervous or scared of heights, here are some key things to be aware of to prepare for and enjoy the ride. Remember that the scariest part of parasailing is the anticipation of the unknown. The crew will guide you through all safety instructions to calm your fears ahead of time. You will be secured safely in an almost sitting position, easing your anxieties and making it feel more like a relaxed lounge chair with great views. The ascent and descent are also very gradual, kind of like an escalator, allowing you to build up your confidence as you lift off into the sky. Once you’re in the air, it’s quiet, relaxing, and smooth sailing, so you’ll be able to enjoy the views—and it will feel great to have conquered your fear! Of course, if you’re still not ready to take flight, you can always join your friends and family as a spectator and cheer them on. If you choose to spectate, you’ll still get to see all the amazing water views from the comfort of the boat, and that is perfectly fine, too!

Parasail Landing Destin

Parasailing Safety Tips and Regulations

Before you journey into the clear blue skies, the crew will go over safety tips and regulations to ensure a safe, secure, and fun parasailing experience. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) limits parasails to flight heights of no more than 500 vertical feet from the surface, and most Destin companies will fly as high as 400 feet for the best views but ensure safety. Each company will also have its own set of safety regulations and restrictions. Often, these include restricting any individual who is pregnant, under six years old, surpasses specific individual or combined weight limits, or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Remember that it is very important to listen to the crew’s instructions to ensure the parasailing trip is safe for everyone, including the captain, crew, and all participants.

Parasailing FAQs

Still have questions? No worries! The following are answers to common questions about parasailing in Destin. Hopefully, these will help you decide if parasailing is right for you, your family, and your friends on your next Emerald Coast vacation.

What is the minimum age?

Most companies require riders to be at least six years old.

What is the minimum and maximum weight?

Though combined weight requirements can change day-to-day based on weather conditions, typically the combined weight is a minimum of 90lbs and maximum of 350lbs to 450lbs.

How many people can fly at once?

Most Destin companies offer double and triple-rider parasailing options.

How many people can fly at once?

Most Destin companies offer double and triple-rider parasailing options.

Do companies offer photo packages?

Most Destin companies will offer photo packages that can include anything from still photos to go-pro videos of your epic excursion.

Convinced yet? Parasailing truly is one of the most unique ways to experience the spectacular scenery of the Emerald Coast. It’s safe, relaxing, fun, and offers a birds-eye view of this tropical paradise. Whether you’re seeking adventure or are excited to see unparalleled views of Destin’s coastline (or both), parasailing is a great activity to add to your vacation itinerary.

Book your parasailing adventure in Destin with one of the many amazing local watersport companies the coast has to offer. And, of course, don’t forget to reserve your vacation stay with us! We have an incredible variety of Destin vacation rentals, from luxury beach homes to Gulf-front condos, that are perfect for families, couples, friends, and more! We can’t wait for your next Destin visit!

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