See 1000+ Chinese Lanterns in Miramar Beach

Illuminate Your Night: 1000+ Lanterns Light Up Miramar Beach

Posted on 2/6/2024

Crafting an unforgettable getaway to Destin? Ocean Reef Resorts invites you to light up your vacation with an extraordinary adventure at the SeaLight Festival, happening now at Seascape Resort in Miramar Beach. This mesmerizing event, running through February and March, transforms evenings into a vibrant spectacle of over 1,000 handcrafted Chinese Lanterns, each Thursday through Sunday from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Sealight Festival Miramar Beach

Step into an enchanting world that bridges cultures and crafts, where traditional Chinese lanterns illuminate the night, offering a stunning display of light, color, and artistry. The festival, having charmed over 150,000 visitors in cities like New York City, Atlanta, and Washington DC, now graces our shores, brought home by a Miramar Beach native family eager to share this luminous celebration with their coastal community.

Chinese Lantern Festival Seascape Resort

As you meander through Seascape Resort's landscapes, you'll be captivated by the craftsmanship of decades-experienced artisans, whose creations range from mystical dragons to whimsical dinosaurs, all aglow with modern LED lights. This walk-through wonderland is not only a feast for the eyes but a journey through stories, with each lantern narrating tales of culture, history, and imagination.

Majestic Sun Seascape
Ariel Dunes Seascape
Ariel Dunes II Seascape Resort

Ocean Reef Resorts is proud to offer a wide selection of Seascape vacation rentals within walking distance of this radiant event. Imagine stepping out of your cozy, luxurious condo and into a world where fantasy meets tradition—a perfect highlight for your stay with us. From family outings to romantic evenings, the SeaLight Festival promises an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Secure your tickets at, with special rates for children, adults, families, and seniors. Enhance your visit with our exclusive offer for Ocean Reef Resorts guests: use coupon code SEALIGHT for 10% off your festival tickets. And with onsite parking available, your evening of enchantment is just steps away.

Located at 174 Seascape Drive, the festival's 45-minute, brightly lit night-time walk is complemented by light refreshments, comfortable seating, and accessible facilities to ensure a delightful experience for all our guests.


Capture the magic with your camera, share your moments with @sealightfestival on Instagram, and immerse yourself in a celebration of light, culture, and community. As your host on the Emerald Coast, Ocean Reef Resorts not only provides a gateway to such extraordinary experiences but also ensures your stay is as splendid as the destinations we celebrate.

Ready for a luminous adventure? Explore here online or call us at (888) 517-7167 to book your stay near the SeaLight Festival. Let us illuminate your path to an unforgettable vacation in Destin!

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