Floating Pedal Pub Bar in Destin

Saltwater Pedal Pubs Is Now A Reef Reward!

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Ocean Reef Resorts is pleased to provide special gifts to all of our esteemed vacation rental guests to enjoy as an added perk during their stay. We have been proud to provide wonderful distinctive private Destin vacation rentals for almost forty years. Our properties are very well liked, and generations of families have chosen us to make Destin and the Emerald Coast their annual “Beach” home away from home for the creation of happy magical memories.  As a special “Thank You” to our guests we created the Reef Rewards program. Reef Rewards bestows a diverse range of freebies and discounts to our guests all along the coast.

The latest business to become a member of our Reef Rewards is Saltwater Pedal Pubs. They provide a unique one of a kind boating/cruise experience in Destin - and it is a BYOB affair! You don’t have to worry about “driving” the boat since it comes piloted with a Captain, but you may want a Designated Driver, or Uber ride back to your vacation rental. These wonderful watery excursions provide a fun 1.5 hour of sparkling adventure. The Pedal Powered Pontoon Bar Boat departs from the Destin Marina at Harborwalk Village regularly each day at 11:00 am, 1:30pm & 4:00 pm from early March thru the month of September.

Floating Bike Bar Destin

The Saltwater Pedal Pubs have a long mahogany framed counter bar in the middle with a covered trough styled and easily accessible cooler. Five big comfortable bicycle type seats are on each side with power pedals and face each other across the bar. Each chair has a convenient cup holder for whatever drink, wine, beer or beverage you are enjoying. A wide steamboat-like paddle in the back of the pontoon boat is pedal powered by the entire group. This is quite easy since all ten party passengers are presumably participating. A few other seats are available for those who may want to supervise the tour rather than pedal! The Pedal Pub can hold a total of up to fourteen members of your adventurous crew. The Saltwater Pedal Pub Pontoons can also be self-powered to help the pedal pushers or allow your group to just float around drinking and enjoying the shimmering views. The include harbor views of Holiday Isle, East Pass, Crab Island, and the beautiful bay. You will also assuredly see pods of dolphin frolic in the waters nearby, and if your group gets the Pedal Pub going fast enough they may even try to race you!

The Saltwater Pedal Pubs provide a unique special party group event for Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Beach Reunions, Corporate Outings, Conventions, and Church Groups. Some party participants like to challenge each other to fun pedaling contests and bet which side can make the boat go faster. Others want a more leisurely boat tour to drink, enjoy the views, spot dolphin or go people watching around Crab Island.  

Floating Bar Destin

Saltwater Pedal Pubs are also available for special tours. The regular prescheduled 1.5-hour tours without our exclusive Reef Rewards 15% Discount are $45 for each passenger. Special longer tours are available for Wedding Parties, Private Harbor Tours, an Awesome Fourth of July Evening Tour for Fireworks and a Design Tour of your own making. Prices for special tours vary, so contact the Saltwater Pedal Pub office at 850-842-9060 for pricing. All such tours must be reserved through the Pedal Pub staff and paid for in advance.

The Saltwater Pedal Pub Pontoon Boats have a unique design and have been approved by the U.S. Marine Safety Center. Each Pedal Pub Boat is also specially certified for commercial transport as a Small Passenger Vessel by the United States Coast Guard. All Pedal Pub Boats are  Master’s Coast Guard Compliant and piloted by a Captain who has a Master’s License of Certification. Although traveling on a Saltwater Pedal Pub is very safe a signed passenger waiver is required for liability purposes.

Passengers should load up their own coolers with favorite drinks, metal or plastic cups, and savory snacks. Although the Pedal Pub Pontoon has a covered awning, it is suggested that passengers wear some sunscreen and dress comfortably.  

Make your plans now to get your special 15% discount with Reef Rewards and check out all the other discounts and freebies we will provide for you during your stay with us.