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Vacationing at Barefootin in Santa Rosa Beach

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Schot Family Vacation Santa Rosa Beach

A good vacation isn't only about where you go, it's about who you spend it with!

Barefootin Guests

Because we offer a wide variety of vacation rentals on the Emerald Coast, we are fortunate to meet so many awesome people from around the world. Our Ocean Reef Resorts guests mean everything to us, and nothing makes us happier than to see them enjoying their stay and taking advantage of everything the Emerald Coast has to offer.

Barefootin Old Florida Beach

We had the privilege of meeting Justin and Ashley Schot and their beautiful three kids from Nashville, Tennessee, at our Barefootin home in the private beachfront community of Old Florida Beach. This five-bedroom, beachfront home was the picture-perfect escape, ensuring the Schots could make the best of their family vacation. High ceilings, large windows, coastal-inspired bedrooms, and wide balconies create the desired relaxed atmosphere of a beach vacation. Besides its spacious and comfortable accommodations, the home features incredible vistas of the pristine Gulf that can be viewed from floor-to-ceiling glass windows and outdoor balconies. It reminds you that paradise is literally at the doorstep!

Running to Draper Lake

In addition to it being beachfront, the home is also located next to a coastal lake estuary. This visit was the Schot family's first time running through and playing in the unique estuary that connects the glistening Gulf to Draper Lake. The warm, shallow water was the perfect place for splashing around and making fun memories for the whole family.

Coastal Dune Lake 30A

The Schot family are frequent guests to the Santa Rosa Beach area and love spending all of their vacation days at the beach doing cartwheels, handstands, and making sandcastles in the white sugary sand. With the Florida sun shining on shimmering waves and laughter drifting on coastal breezes, these bright moments will remain etched in the minds of the Schot family. And keep them going until their next Santa Rosa Beach trip!

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Walking on the Beach in Santa Rosa Beach

This isn't the Schot's first Emerald Coast vacation, and it won't be their last, but each vacation comes with new and memorable experiences. And how could it not? There is so much to do on Scenic Highway 30A, meaning different things to do every time you visit! The beach is only the tip of the iceberg… or should we say "sand" berg? Besides playing in the sand, vacationers splash in the emerald waves and even take to the skies on parasailing adventures to enjoy the incredible views from high heights.

Playing in Draper Lake

The coastal dune lakes common in the area, but rare in the world, are havens for outdoor recreation. Paddleboarding across glassy surfaces and fishing are common activities at the dune lakes. State parks with coastal flora and fauna are fun to explore, and the winding nature trails offer peace and serenity.

Playing on 30A

30A's unique beach villages are also home to family-friendly restaurants, sweet shops, boutiques, art galleries, festivals, coastal events, and outdoor concerts. Like the Schot family, you're sure to have a great time exploring all the things that 30A and the Emerald Coast have to offer. Whether it's playing on the beach, hiking nature trails, biking through town, or popping in and out of tropical shops, there is so much fun to be had!

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30A Family Vacation

It's such a blast meeting our vacationers and witnessing the wonderful time they have when they visit. We had a great time spending the day with the Schot family, and we can't wait to welcome them back again. And we can't wait to welcome you on your next vacay—whether it's your first visit or your fifteenth!

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