Want a Happier Life? Science Says Visit the Beach!

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The world seems to be going faster and faster as the Information Age ushers in a multitude of accelerated technologies that creates enormous change. Such technological and social changes have led people to experience “shattering stress and disorientation,” which was first recognized years ago by author Alvin Toffler in his groundbreaking book entitled Future Shock.

In a short span of time, we are trying to adapt to an age that spoils us by providing instant gratification but barely slows down enough for us to take time to enjoy the here and now. We seem to find ourselves always impatiently moving on to the next best thing. Computer Games, Google, Facebook, E-Mails, Smart Phones, and Super Wide HDTVs with Surround Sound Systems provide endless diversions or distractions. Some people are actually becoming “Phone Zombies” who barely look up from their screens even at the dinner table, on a walk or in the presence of loved ones who may want to share some one-on-one quality time.

In this restless age we live in scientists are discovering that such hyper-stress is dangerously toxic to our health and even starting to lower some of our life spans. However, they have discovered something they term Blue Space, which is a beneficial type of aquatic therapy that involves a trip to the beach. In our case along the Emerald Coast, you might call it “Green Space” since the glittering jewel-toned waters are not really blue!

Generations of families have been taking advantage of this form of therapy by residing in our wonderful Ocean Reef Resorts vacation rentals for almost 40 years.

Psychology Today Magazine recently reported the findings of several studies that support this. Being around watery surroundings promotes good health and the bigger the better, so oceans or gulfs provide optimum benefits.

Researchers from around the globe are finding that people who regularly visit such places report a better state of well-being than others. A 2018 study from Hong Kong reported people having a lower risk of depression who visited the beach. Thirty-five other recent studies at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health found that interactions with “blue space” increased positive feelings and reduced anxiety even among those who had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Several theories support such analysis that being near water promotes a feeling of connectedness, increased energy, and a sense of purposeful peace.

Let’s take a look at each:           

Feeling of Connectedness

Connected in Destin

Today many families are rarely ever together since both parents work while kids are saddled with loads of educational activities, sports, and social events. A stay at the beautiful beach beside the glowing luminescent “healing” waters of the gulf at one of our incredible Ocean Reef Resorts vacation rentals promotes bonding. This may come from taking a family cruise to watch dolphins, go on a fun pirate ship adventure, try your luck fishing, rent a pontoon boat for a trip to Crab Island, or enjoy a divine sunset dinner. (Our Reef Rewards provide complimentary discounts to our guests for many of these fun delights!) It could be just catching up with one another on a breezy beach balcony while sipping favorite drinks and enjoying the sparkling gulf views. Perhaps a romantic stroll down the beach with your special loved one may help you meaningfully reconnect while experiencing an enchanting sunset or magical full moon rise. All of the above will make you feel more connected with those you love and create memories that will sustain you.

Increased Energy

The smell of the salty air and panoramic vistas of the glorious gulf are energizing all by themselves. The constant wave action, soaring pelicans or seagulls, frolicking pods of dolphin and the sun’s golden rays invite you to celebrate life. Before you know it the glowing gulf beckons you to plunge right in to take a salty swim, body surf, try surfboarding, take a kayak ride or go paddleboarding. A leisurely stroll along the sugary shore is also welcomed as you savor the spectacular seascape, find some seashells and get some fun exercise without even trying. Such movement stimulates the body, increases your circulation, allows you to breathe in deeply and establishes a blissful state of accelerated energy. One added perk is that you also get some much-needed Vitamin D, which is provided by the sun. Vitamin D boosts the immune system, reduces joint inflammation, stimulates weight loss, promotes strong bones, makes you more alert and stabilizes emotions with positive feelings.

Sense of Purposeful Peace

Beach Sunset

Once you become more bonded with your loved ones, you start to become more connected with the life around you. It seems that since our lives always seem to be on the run, we don’t look up to see where we are. It is said that “Yesterday is History and Tomorrow is a Mystery but Today is a Gift because it is the Present.” Yesterday’s memories may fill us with grief or regrets. Tomorrow’s mysteries may make us anxious and fearful. Today is our true reality, which does not need to be robbed by fears of the future or regrets from the past. Sitting beside the sensational sparkling scenery of the gulf allows us to experience a heavenly setting that gives us peace now. The soothing surf actually sounds like the ever-present breathing heartbeat of Mother Nature, and we feel a precious part of something greater than ourselves. The magnificent sunset, magical moon, enchanting ever-changing sky, glorious gulf color, and brilliantly bright beach displays are ever-present when we seek such Solace. It helps remind us that we are loved, have a purpose in life, and can create a better world for ourselves as well as for others whom we value.

Enjoy your next round of needed Beach Therapy and begin by making plans to stay in one of our superb beach homes or condos. Our user-friendly website will show you pictures of each one along with detailed descriptions, aerial location views, seasonal rates, and dates of calendar availability.