Large Destin Condos

Your Comprehensive Guide to Largest Destin Condo Complexes

Posted on 1/23/2024

Imagine a beach vacation where comfort, fun, and convenience come together effortlessly. Welcome to the world of large condo complexes in Destin, a highlight of the Ocean Reef Resorts collection. Since 1982, we've been mastering the art of creating the perfect beachside retreat. Our extensive range of large condos in Destin caters to every need and desire, offering the ideal balance of private relaxation and communal fun. From intimate one-bedroom vacation rentals perfect for couples or small families to expansive five-bedroom penthouses ideal for larger groups, our accommodations ensure space, privacy, and all the comforts of home. Picture yourself lounging on a balcony with panoramic views of the Gulf, or stepping out to enjoy a variety of on-site activities and direct beach access. Whether you're a returning guest or exploring Destin for the first time, our large Destin condos promise a unique blend of leisure, excitement, and comfort. 

Dive into our selection and get ready for an unforgettable beachside experience in Destin, where every stay is tailored for enjoyment and relaxation.

Ariel Dunes I

Ariel Dunes I Destin Condo

1-4 Bedrooms / 1-3 Bathrooms / 6-12 Guests

Step into the grandeur of Ariel Dunes I, a twenty-four-story luxury complex that exudes the glamour of Miami or Las Vegas. From its palm-lined boulevard entrance to the majestic trio of columned porticos that light up the night sky, Ariel Dunes I is a symbol of elegance and luxury. At its heart lies a colossal 12,000-square-foot swimming pool, a playful wonderland featuring a mushroom-shaped waterfall, ideal for family enjoyment. The 'Cabana Café' complements this aquatic paradise, offering refreshing drinks, live music, and a menu brimming with delightful options from fresh salads to seafood baskets.

Ariel Dunes I Pool
Ariel Dunes I Additional Pool
Ariel Dunes I Fitness Center

Ariel Dunes I not only promises relaxation and entertainment with its impressive amenities but also boasts a prime location. The expansive beach, stretching over 2,000 linear feet, is a serene escape, just a short walk from the complex, connecting guests to the tranquil Seascape Beach Resort. The resort experience is further enhanced by exclusive benefits available to guests, including reduced rates at the championship golf course and professional tennis center on-site. Every aspect of Ariel Dunes I, from its architectural grandeur to its thoughtfully curated amenities, is designed to provide an unparalleled vacation experience.

Ariel Dunes I Penthouse 2403
Ariel Dunes I 2109
Ariel Dunes I 401

The accommodations at Ariel Dunes I cater to a variety of needs and preferences, offering a range from cozy one-bedroom rentals to spacious four-bedroom properties. These units, designed to accommodate groups of 6 to 12 guests, are more than just vacation rentals; they are luxurious living spaces where every detail is tailored for comfort and elegance. Ariel Dunes I is not just a place to stay; it is an embodiment of grand-scale luxury living, inviting guests to indulge in a lifestyle of opulence and relaxation.

Ariel Dunes II

1-3 Bedrooms / 1-3 Bathrooms / 5-12 Guests

Ariel Dunes II emerges as the urbane fraternal twin of Ariel Dunes I, showcasing a unique blend of sophistication and luxury with its southwest-facing orientation. This architectural gem offers guests unrivaled views, encompassing the sparkling Gulf, a vibrant coastal dune lake abundant with wildlife, and the verdant landscapes of the Seascape golf course. The tower is a haven for sunset aficionados, especially from October to March, when the sun spectacularly dips into the gleaming Gulf waters.

Ariel Dunes II Pool
Ariel Dunes II Alternate Pool
Ariel Dunes II Gym

Beneath Ariel Dunes II lies a vast aquatic paradise, featuring three swimming pools that span across its base, covering a total of 11,000 square feet. This luxurious water escape is surrounded by a generously sized sun patio, conveniently located near a pedestrian bridge that elegantly crosses the lake, leading guests directly to the beach. Enhancing the experience is the tower's comprehensive fitness center, equipped with a steam room and sauna, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ariel Dunes II Penthouse 2403
Ariel Dunes II 809
Ariel Dunes II 1610

The accommodations in Ariel Dunes II range from intimate one-bedroom condos to larger three-bedroom vacation rentals, capable of comfortably hosting 5 to 12 guests. Each condo is crafted to provide an enveloping sense of comfort and elegance, positioning Ariel Dunes II as a prime destination for those seeking the beauty of nature and the height of upscale living.


Edgewater Destin Condo

1-3 Bedrooms / 1-3 Bathrooms / 4-8 Guests

Embark on a luxurious journey at Edgewater Resort, a stunning architectural marvel inspired by a prestigious hotel on the French Riviera. Its crescent shape, rising in a majestic seventeen-story arc, mimics the elegant bow of a ship, with open terraces on each level offering unparalleled views. From Scenic Gulf Drive, this remarkable structure appears as a grand multi-tiered cruise liner, elegantly anchored along a beautiful stretch of Destin's beach. The resort seamlessly blends architectural beauty with the natural allure of its coastal setting.

Edgewater Condo Pool
Edgewater Condo Pool Alternate
Edgewater Pool Tiki Bar

Edgewater Resort is a haven of luxury amidst nature's splendor. The resort's grounds are a masterpiece of landscaping, with lush lawns interspersed with tropical palms and palmettos, leading down to a private beach that extends over 420 linear feet. Each vacation rental at Edgewater features a furnished balcony, providing residents with a personal vantage point to the breathtaking Gulf views. The resort's amenities are designed for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment, featuring two large lagoon-shaped swimming pools on elevated levels, complete with a cascading waterfall. The Tiki Bar offers a delightful array of snacks and tropical drinks, enhancing the poolside experience. For year-round comfort, one pool is seasonally heated, complemented by two inviting hot tubs for ultimate relaxation. Recreation facilities at Edgewater are extensive, including four tennis courts, basketball and indoor racquetball courts, shuffleboard, a putting green, and a playground for children. The centerpiece of the resort's wellness amenities is the state-of-the-art 5,000-square-foot Fitness Center.

Edgewater 205
Edgewater 1500
Edgewater 204

Edgewater Resort's accommodations are as impressive as its amenities. The range of condos, from cozy one-bedroom to spacious three-bedroom rentals, ensures a perfect fit for groups of 4 to 8 guests. Each vacation rental is designed with luxury and comfort in mind, providing a serene retreat for those seeking a memorable beachside experience. At Edgewater, every stay is more than just a vacation; it's an indulgence in coastal luxury and architectural grandeur.

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Gulfside at Hidden Dunes

Gulfside at Hidden Dunes Destin Condo

2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms / 6 Guests

Gulfside at Hidden Dunes is a towering beacon of luxury, rising twenty stories high and majestically positioned beachfront on a sugary dune adorned with palm trees. This exquisite resort offers a visual symphony of natural beauty, from the shimmering white sands of its beach to the crystal-clear waters of a coastal dune lake. The meticulously landscaped grounds create a seamless transition from the lush greenery to the quartz crystalline shoreline, with multiple walkovers providing guests exclusive access to the private beach. This setting is not just a location; it's a portal to a serene and luxurious beachside experience

Gulfside at Hidden Dunes Pool
Gulfside at Hidden Dunes Tennis
Gulfside at Hidden Dunes Gym

At Gulfside at Hidden Dunes, relaxation and recreation blend seamlessly. The centerpiece is a sparkling swimming pool and an inviting hot tub, both perched on the gulf side, offering an idyllic spot for unwinding. Guests can alternate between a refreshing dip in the pool and the warm embrace of the Gulf waters. For sports enthusiasts, the resort boasts six Rubicon clay tennis courts and a basketball court, both illuminated for night play. The amenities extend to a cozy Club House, a well-equipped Fitness Room, and outdoor gas grills for delightful cookouts. Winding paths meander through the property, adorned with indigenous tropical plantings, leading to a serene lake with a charmingly lit fountain, adding an enchanting touch to evening strolls.

Gulfside 505
Gulfside 1402
Gulfside 1302

The vacation rental accommodations at Gulfside at Hidden Dunes reflect the resort's commitment to luxury and comfort. Each two-bedroom condo is a haven of tranquility, designed to accommodate up to 6 guests. These condos are more than just places to stay; they are meticulously crafted living spaces, offering guests a private retreat in a breathtaking beachfront setting. Gulfside at Hidden Dunes is not merely a destination; it's an experience, where every moment is infused with luxury, comfort, and the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast.

Jade East Towers

Jade East Towers Destin Condo

3 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms / 8 Guests

Jade East Towers, an eighteen-story luxury residential tower, stands majestically above the bright sands of the beach, offering a premium Gulf-front living experience. Each beachfront balcony in this exclusive gated tower presents awe-inspiring views of the Gulf's glowing waters, extending to the southern horizon. The architectural elegance of Jade East Towers is matched only by its prime location, where the serenity of the beach meets the sophistication of first-class amenities, creating an enclave of luxury and exclusivity.

Jade East Towers Pool
Jade East Towers Tennis
Jade East Towers Fitness

The amenities at Jade East Towers are a testament to its luxury status. The centerpiece is a curvy, lagoon-shaped swimming pool, heated seasonally for year-round enjoyment, complemented by a simmering hot tub for ultimate relaxation. The pool area is a tropical haven, featuring a beautifully landscaped patio with a striking stone waterfall cascading into the pool, creating a tranquil ambiance. Steps from the pool, the sugar-white beach awaits, offering immediate access to pristine sands and azure waters. The nearby Clubhouse, complete with convenient restroom facilities and showers, enhances the outdoor experience, along with stone-encased gas grills for delightful poolside cookouts. For additional leisure and fitness needs, Jade East offers a well-equipped Fitness Room, a Game Room, a children's playground, and lighted tennis courts for evening play, ensuring entertainment for all ages.

Jade East Towers 420

At Jade East, the accommodations are as splendid as the amenities. The tower houses two and three-bedroom vacation rentals, each designed to accommodate up to 8 guests. These residences are not just living spaces; they are retreats of comfort and elegance, where every detail is crafted to enhance the Gulf-front experience. From the tastefully appointed interiors to the breathtaking balcony views, each condo in Jade East Towers offers a slice of paradise, promising a stay that is both luxurious and unforgettable.

Majestic Sun

Majestic Sun Destin Condo

1-5 Bedrooms / 1-7 Bathrooms / 6-22 Guests

Discover the Majestic Sun, an architectural marvel designed to evoke the whimsy of a giant sand castle. This striking complex, featuring two interconnected twelve-story towers with a soaring arch at its center, stands as a beacon of style and luxury. Overlooking 2,000 linear feet of pristine white beach and the sparkling waters of the Gulf, the Majestic Sun captivates with its unique design and prime water-view location. Framed by a palm-lined promenade across the drive, this resort offers easy access to the shoreline, blending architectural ingenuity with the natural beauty of its coastal surroundings.

Majestic Sun Indoor Pool
Majestic Sun Outdoor Pool
Majestic Sun Fitness Center

The Majestic Sun's amenities are as impressive as its design. The resort boasts an indoor climatized swimming pool, set under a dramatic two-story cathedral ceiling with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, offering stunning Gulf views. This architectural wonder seamlessly connects to the outdoors, where water cascades into a large exterior pool, surrounded by a spacious sun deck patio. Here, guests can relax in two luxurious hot tubs, all while enjoying the glittering vistas of the Gulf. The on-site Fitness Center complements this leisurely experience with a wall of windows that overlook the outdoor pool and the shore, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views while staying active. These thoughtfully designed amenities ensure that every moment at the Majestic Sun is one of relaxation and visual delight.

Majestic Sun 208B
Majestic Sun 1004A
Majestic Sun Penthouse 1203A

The rental accommodations at Majestic Sun are a reflection of its grandeur, offering a range of options from romantic one-bedroom condos with hall bunks to a lavish penthouses with five bedrooms. These residences, capable of accommodating 6 to 22 guests, are more than just places to stay; they are sanctuaries of comfort and style. Each vacation rental is crafted to provide an immersive experience in luxury living, with interiors that echo the beauty of their Gulf-front setting. Whether you seek a cozy getaway or a grand group vacation, the Majestic Sun promises an accommodation experience that is both opulent and unforgettable.

Pelican Beach Resort

Pelican Beach Resort Destin Condo

2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms / 6 Guests

Enter the world of Pelican Beach Resort, an exclusive gated paradise that combines the allure of a luxury hotel with the comfort of a residential retreat. This twenty-story Destin tower, graced by a palm-lined boulevard, stands proudly upon the crystalline shoreline, offering breathtaking views of the gleaming Gulf. The resort's design, featuring an elegant foyer leading to a chic café and a range of amenities, sets the stage for a unique blend of sophistication and leisure, creating an idyllic beachside experience.

Pelican Beach Resort Pool
Pelican Beach Resort Indoor Pool
Pelican Beach Resort Gym

Pelican Beach Resort is a haven of relaxation and entertainment. The complex boasts three sparkling swimming pools, each offering a unique ambiance. The main pool, with its curvy design and expansive palm-laden patio, is enhanced by a beachfront Tiki Hut Bar, serving a selection of tropical drinks and snacks for poolside or beach enjoyment. Another pool sits on a sunny raised terrace overlooking a picturesque lagoon, while the third, an indoor pool, features a glass partition that allows natural light and views of the adjacent outdoor pool. For an added touch of relaxation, two hot tubs are available, including one in a beachside pergola near the Tiki Hut Bar. Complementing these water features are the resort's additional amenities, including tennis courts, a well-equipped Fitness Center, and outdoor gas grills, ensuring guests have everything they need for a memorable stay.

Pelican Beach Resort 713
Pelican Beach Resort 214
Pelican Beach Resort 1715

The vacation rentals at Pelican Beach Resort are designed to encapsulate the essence of a beachfront getaway. The complex offers two-bedroom properties, each able to comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests. These condos are not just accommodations; they are thoughtfully designed living spaces, offering guests a serene retreat infused with the spirit of the Gulf. From the tasteful décor to the convenient amenities, each unit at Pelican Beach Resort is crafted to ensure your stay is as comfortable as it is memorable, embodying the perfect balance of luxury and homely charm.


SunDestin Condo in Destin

1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom / 4 Guests

SunDestin, an eighteen-story beachfront residential tower, elegantly stands on a sugary dune adorned with golden sea oats, overlooking its dazzling white beach. The tower welcomes guests with a formal lobby boasting a magnificent three-story ceiling and a 24-hour front desk offering concierge services akin to those of a luxury hotel. This Destin resort combines the serenity of its private beach setting with the refined comforts of modern living, creating a perfect blend of natural beauty and upscale convenience.

SunDestin Pool
SunDestin Indoor Pool
SunDestin Splash Pad

At SunDestin, leisure and relaxation are paramount. The resort features two swimming pools, each designed to enhance your beachfront experience. One pool is complemented by a spacious sun deck patio right beside the Gulf, offering seamless transition from poolside relaxation to beachside fun. A unique splash pad adds a touch of excitement for children, while a simmering hot tub near the beach provides a tranquil space for unwinding. The resort's Tiki Bar serves a variety of cold refreshments and tasty treats, perfect for enjoying by the pool. For those who love outdoor cooking, there's an inviting grilling area, ideal for preparing a delightful 'Surf n Turf' meal. Additionally, an indoor acclimatized pool and another hot tub cater to year-round enjoyment, alongside a Fitness Center with a sauna, a cozy café for casual dining, and a Video Arcade Game Room, ensuring entertainment for all ages.

SunDestin 905

Vacation Rentals at SunDestin are thoughtfully designed to offer more than just a place to stay; they are retreats of comfort and elegance. Each unit, whether a cozy room for a romantic getaway or a family-sized space, is equipped with amenities that blend luxury with a homely feel. The resort's commitment to providing an unparalleled beachfront living experience is evident in every detail, from the tasteful décor to the convenient facilities. SunDestin is not just a destination; it's a beachfront haven where every stay is an opportunity to create lasting memories.

Surfside Resort

Surfside Resort Destin Condo

Surfside, an eighteen-story luxury residential tower, stands majestically adjacent to the Seascape Beach Resort, harmonizing spectacular architecture with its stunning Gulf-view location. Each floor of the tower features giant porthole windows facing east and west, offering Primary Bedroom Suites a panoramic view reminiscent of a cruise ship journey. The tower's design is further enhanced by spacious wrap-around balconies with see-through Plexiglass railings extending from the living areas to the bedrooms and providing uninterrupted views of the sparkling Gulf scenery.

Surfside's allure extends beyond its impressive architecture. This Destin resort boasts a formal, hotel-like lobby with a front desk, embodying a sense of grandeur and hospitality. Culinary delights await at "The Royal Palm Grill," an award-winning restaurant on-site that offers exquisite dining with Gulf views. The outdoor experience is equally remarkable, featuring a spacious sun deck patio with a large swimming pool, a kid-friendly wading pool, and two bubbling hot tubs for ultimate relaxation. A pedestrian bridge elegantly arches over Scenic Gulf Drive, leading guests from the pool patio to the sugary shoreline, where a beach bar sets the scene for festive sunset bonfires. The lively atmosphere continues at "The Whale's Tail," another popular beachfront restaurant serving seafood and drinks.

Surfside 1407
Surfside 803

The vacation rental accommodations at Surfside are designed to complement the luxurious and active lifestyle the resort embodies. The tower offers 2 bedroom condo rental options, each tailored to provide guests with comfort, elegance, and stunning Gulf views. Guests are treated to more than just a stay; they experience a blend of luxurious living, top-tier amenities, and engaging activities, all within the serene embrace of the Seascape Beach Resort.

As your journey through the luxurious expanse of Destin's best condo complexes comes to a close, the promise of an extraordinary vacation experience awaits your selection. Each of our majestic destinations at Ocean Reef Resorts is more than just a place to stay; they are gateways to unforgettable moments, offering a fusion of opulent living and breathtaking natural beauty. Explore our acclaimed website for a deeper exploration into each unique resort, complete with detailed descriptions, stunning imagery, and aerial views that capture the essence of these paradisiacal locales. Discover available dates, seasonal rates, and start envisioning your ideal beach getaway. Choose your favorite, and let the excitement build, for you're not just planning a vacation; you're preparing to immerse yourself in the splendor of Destin's beach luxury. 

The perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and indulgence is just a click away – your extraordinary beach experience at Ocean Reef Resorts is waiting to be written in the sands of Destin.

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