Where to Stay in Grayton Beach

The Ultimate Guide to Grayton Beach Accommodations

Posted on 9/5/2023

Nestled at the center of Scenic Highway 30A, Grayton Beach  is a vibrant fusion of history, natural beauty, and contemporary flair. This unique vacation haven boasts a prime location near the Gulf of Mexico and is surrounded by rare coastal dune lakes. Whether you're here to soak up the pristine beaches and emerald waters or to experience the town's eclectic array of attractions—from the legendary Red Bar and the avant-garde Zoo Gallery to the trendy Tribe Kelley beach shop, the coastal-inspired Chiringo, and the always-lively AJ's Oyster Bar—Grayton Beach has something for everyone. Though it's an intimate coastal community, Grayton Beach is big on character and offers an array of accommodations. Discover some of our guests' favorite spots to stay in what's sure to be your next 30A vacation destination.


Step back in time and experience the rich history of Grayton Beach, where historic cottages and architecture seamlessly blend with modern-day beachside luxury.


Indulge in the ultimate beach getaway with our Gulf-Front properties, where your front door opens to the sugary sands and emerald waters of Grayton Beach.


Bring the entire family, furry members included, to our pet-friendly vacation rentals where comfort meets convenience, just a wag away from Grayton Beach's pristine shores.

Pine Street

Experience the idyllic charm of Pine Street, where quaint cottages adjacent to Grayton Beach State Park offer a peaceful retreat amidst natural beauty - and easy access to the shore.

Grayton Landing

Grayton Landing combines the best of both worlds, featuring upscale lakeside residences within a gated community and easy access to the stunning beauty of Grayton Beach State Park.

Gulf Trace

Surrounded by state park on three sides, this neighborhood offers a secluded oasis for families, delivering a uniquely private beach experience while keeping you close to nature.

Historic Grayton Beach

Founded in 1885 by Army Major Charles T. Gray, Grayton Beach has blossomed from a homestead at the confluence of the Gulf of Mexico and a rare coastal dune lake into one of South Walton's most coveted destinations. The town is a cultural tapestry, adorned with historic cottages and architecturally significant buildings that capture the essence of 30A. As you stroll along its quaint streets, you'll encounter locals and visitors alike, many savoring their beachside vacations just as people have for over a century. Our handy guide to the area's neighborhoods and rental homes is your passport to join them. While the classic Grayton lodging formula often includes a wide front porch and cozy interiors—all within walking distance of sandy shores—each listing offers its own unique charm. The choice is yours to find the perfect place to stay!

Shepherd Cottage

1 Bedroom / 1 Full Bathroom / 3 Guests

Once situated behind what was once the White Elephant Market (now the renowned Red Bar), Shepherd Cottage is a historic gem at the start of Historic Grayton Beach. With origins dating back to the 1880s and a significant relocation in 1934, this slat-board cabin exudes authenticity. Step inside, and you'll be enveloped by the rich aroma of aged wood, vintage decor, and doors that close with an intentional, satisfying weight. This property offers a unique Victorian-era experience, creating the time-travel vacation you've always dreamed of.

Magnolia House

Magnolia House Grayton Beach

5 Bedrooms / 5 Full Bathrooms / 11 Guests

In a more recent chapter of Grayton Beach history, and particularly close to our hearts, lies Magnolia House. This versatile vacation property consists of two separate, charming cottages that can also be rented together to form a customized vacation compound. Previously an outpost for local poet and musician Nancy Veldman, the space was used to sell her books, music, and beach-inspired mementos. She was married to Richard Veldman, the founder of the cherished local rental agency Rivard of South Walton, which was later acquired by Ocean Reef. Today, you can still soak in the home's eclectic ambiance, a testament to its rich history and its place among a collection of locally-built beach cottages dating back to the early 20th century.

Graytfully B

Graytfully B Grayton Beach

5 Bedrooms / 5 Full & 1 Half Bathrooms / 12 Guests

Graytfully B offers the quintessential beach cottage experience, located just a stone's throw from the shore and even closer to the quaint town boat ramp leading to Western Lake. Freshly remodeled, this bright and airy home boasts abundant natural light through its numerous windows, casting a warm glow on the hardwood floors for a thoroughly crisp and inviting atmosphere. Adding to its charm is a detached guest house featuring a vaulted ceiling, enhancing the feeling of space and luxury. With its unbeatable location and distinctive style, Graytfully B promises a memorable stay in the heart of Grayton Beach.

Salty Dawg

Salty Dawg Grayton Beach

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bathrooms / 10 Guests

Secluded in the leafy heart of Grayton Beach, Salty Dawg serves as a serene sanctuary for lovers of Mid-Century Modern design. Accessible via a hidden dirt road that leads directly to the main thoroughfare, this expansive, single-story cottage is encased in a frame of majestic oak trees. Inside, you'll be captivated by split-level floors and natural wood accents that harmonize perfectly with the exterior's wooded charm. Every room of the house exudes classic Americana, from vintage furnishings to nostalgic decor, making Salty Dawg not just a place to stay, but a timeless retreat into an authentically American vacation experience.

Sweaty Palms

Sweaty Palms Grayton Beach

2 Bedrooms / 1 Full Bathroom / 4 Guests

If you desire a more intimate setting just a short walk away from the vibrant atmosphere of Historic Downtown Grayton, look no further than Sweaty Palms. This quintessential coastal bungalow embodies the very essence of a beach cottage. Picture yourself taking a step back in time as you sip lemonade and indulge in people-watching from the comfort of your screened-in front porch. The cottage's cozy dimensions make it the perfect getaway for those who crave a simpler yet equally comfortable vacation experience.

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Grayton Beach Walking Tour

Packed with a petite downtown, architectural nooks & crannies, and if you look carefully, you can see the timeline of Grayton Beach unfold before your eyes. Expendable cracker shacks, made of local lumber, built to be swept out to sea long ago, share the pristine terrain with four-story-high stone castles of intricate design.

Beachfront in Grayton Beach

When it comes down to it, your primary desire for visiting Grayton Beach is likely the alluring call of the Gulf. Imagine waking up each day to the sound of waves lapping at the shore, a constant reminder that the beach is just steps away from your door. Elevate your vacation by choosing a gulf-front Grayton Beach rental that promises an uninterrupted communion with the shore—no cars, no roads, just you, and endless miles of sugary sand and emerald waters.


Abaco Grayton Beach

6 Bedrooms / 6 Full & 1 Half Bathrooms / 14 Guests

Nestled at the unique confluence where Western Lake—a rare coastal dune lake—melds seamlessly into the Gulf of Mexico, Abaco offers a waterfront experience like no other. This exceptional meeting point creates a naturally evolving playground that is a constant magnet for water enthusiasts of all ages. Here, children delight in splashing in the lake's gentle outflows, while adults savor the tranquility and excitement of paddleboarding or kayaking in this extraordinary ecological niche. As the sun starts its descent, Abaco's spacious balconies—one complete with a luxurious hot tub—become the ultimate vantage point for nature's daily masterpiece: the sunset. Watch as the sky transforms into a vivid tapestry of fiery oranges, soothing purples, and romantic pinks. Every sunset at Abaco is a spectacle, elevating your stay from merely memorable to truly unforgettable.

Grayton Beach Pet Friendly Rentals

In Grayton Beach, our town slogan humorously declares, "Nice Dogs, Strange People." Though our sandy shores may not welcome paws, rest assured there's a bounty of other delights for you and your canine companion to indulge in. Wander the winding trails of Grayton Beach State Park, where nature's splendor offers a sensory feast for humans and hounds alike. Or opt for a scenic jaunt through neighboring communities like Seaside and Blue Mountain Beach, courtesy of the paved Timpoochee Trail along iconic Highway 30A. Craving aquatic adventures? Western Lake beckons with its paddleboard-friendly waters, where your furry first mate can join you for an unforgettable outing. And when your stomach starts to growl louder than your pup, Grayton Beach boasts a cornucopia of pet-friendly dining establishments. Make your selection from favorites like Chanticleer Eatery and Grayton Seafood Company.

For those who can't fathom a vacation without their four-legged family members, fear not. We present a curated collection of pet-friendly vacation homes in the heart of Grayton Beach and its charming surroundings. Here are a couple you'll absolutely love!

Castle of Dreams

Castle of Dreams Grayton Beach

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full Bathrooms / 8 Guests

Nestled amid the whispering pines, Castle of Dreams offers an idyllic sanctuary for both two-legged and four-legged travelers. Its secluded setting features a walkable buffer zone of lush foliage, perfect for those essential early-morning strolls with your furry friend. Inside, the home welcomes you with modern, understated furnishings, creating a tranquil atmosphere that ensures relaxation for every member of your pack. Experience the perfect blend of natural beauty and contemporary comfort at this exceptional Grayton Beach hideaway.

R and R

R and R Grayton Beach

4 Bedrooms / 4 Full Bathrooms / 10 Guests

When it comes to effortless relaxation, look no further than R and R—a haven where contemporary chic meets laid-back luxury. This splendid Gulf Trace vacation home offers an unrivaled outdoor living experience, complete with a dazzling pool and ample space for dining under the stars every evening of your stay. Inside, you're greeted by a palette of bright creams and meticulously designed spaces, offering a host of cozy nooks and corners—ideal for a playful game of hide and seek with the kids. Whether you're lounging poolside or delighting in the home's artfully curated interiors, R and R promises an unforgettable stay for everyone, including your four-legged family member.

Pine Street Grayton Beach

Traveling alongside Grayton Beach State Park, Pine Street is a picturesque route that meanders through a vibrant dune ecosystem, offering some of the most awe-inspiring sunset vistas you'll find anywhere. This coveted off-the-beaten-path thoroughfare is home to an array of rentals that promise not just a stay, but a full immersion into the quintessential Grayton Beach experience. Here are some of our highly sought-after properties located on this iconic street.

Pine Cove

Pine Cove Grayton Beach

4 Bedrooms / 3 Full Bathrooms / 12 Guests

At the start of the iconic Pine Street, Pine Cove is the idyllic retreat you've been searching for—a place where elegance meets the laid-back Grayton Beach lifestyle. This spacious vacation home boasts an array of unique features designed for your ultimate comfort. Step outside, and you'll find yourself transported to a private oasis; the pool deck is adorned with architectural pavers, elevating your backyard experience to new heights. Expansive porches replete with plush outdoor seating invite you to savor the coastal air, artfully blurring the lines between indoor sophistication and outdoor serenity. Step inside, and you'll discover a haven of modern elegance with clean finishes and design details that make every moment spent indoors just as luxurious as those enjoyed under the Florida sun. You and your family won't just stay at Pine Cove; you'll live and breathe its distinctive charm.

Grayton Sunset

Grayton Sunset Grayton Beach

4 Bedrooms / 4 Full Bathrooms / 10 Guests

Situated on the scenic south side of Pine Street, Grayton Sunset provides front-row seats to some of the area's most awe-inspiring sunsets over lush coastal dunes and the mesmerizing Gulf of Mexico. With its exterior a cheerful blend of 1950s-style pink and striking white accents, this home sets a tone of joy and relaxation before you even step inside. Within, you'll discover the quintessence of classic beach living: white beadboard walls, cozy alcoves, and intriguing nooks perfect for those soulful conversations that seem to only happen on vacation. At Grayton Sunset, you're not just staying; you're creating cherished memories in an atmosphere as inviting as it is inspiring.

Grayton Dream

Grayton Dream Grayton Beach

4 Bedrooms / 4 Full Bathrooms / 12 Guests

Right next door, Grayton Dream emerges as a grand beach-view retreat that reigns majestically over the undulating dunes. The home distinguishes itself with expansive porches that invite you to kick back and bask in the salt-kissed air. Step inside to find an interior that radiates joy and serenity—immaculate white finishes are thoughtfully punctuated by vibrant, playful colors that promise to elevate your mood. Here, spaciousness and comfort converge in perfect harmony, setting the stage for a stay that's every bit as dreamy as the home's name suggests.

Grayton Landing

Introducing Grayton Landing, a modern gem in Grayton Beach's tapestry of communities. Nestled behind gated access, this nascent neighborhood offers a refreshing blend of luxury and natural beauty. At its heart lies a communal pool and BBQ area that overlooks the pristine waters of Western Lake, providing residents with unparalleled access to both the lake and the nearby Gulf of Mexico. Step into a new era of Grayton Beach living with our curated selection of homes in this "Grayt" up-and-coming enclave.

Grayt Oasis

Grayt Oasis Grayton Beach

5 Bedrooms / 5 Full & 1 Half Bathrooms / 12 Guests

At the front of Grayton Landing, Grayt Oasis stands as a four-story masterpiece that can accommodate up to twelve fortunate guests. This magnificent community enjoys a privileged waterfront position along a rare coastal dune lake, offering a rich natural habitat teeming with aquatic life. Designed with Old Florida charm, the vacation home boasts columned verandas on two upper levels, as well as an observational rooftop deck for panoramic lake and pool views. Each of its five spacious bedrooms is a luxurious suite featuring private baths, enhancing comfort for every guest. The inviting second-floor living space opens up to a contemporary design accented with nautical blue and white hues, where you'll find a state-of-the-art kitchen and direct access to a pool-view veranda perfect for alfresco dining. The home also offers multiple leisure zones, including a wet bar and a top-floor den that opens onto a sun deck. As part of the Grayton Landing community, you'll enjoy amenities like a lakeside swimming pool, sun patio, and easy access to both the lake and beach.

Grayt Lake

Grayt Lake Grayton Beach

5 Bedrooms / 5 Full & 1 Half Bathrooms / 14 Guests

Located just two doors down in the upscale Grayton Landing community, Grayt Lake is a captivating four-story rental retreat that perfectly encapsulates the "cool" factor. Designed with a Scandi-beach aesthetic, the home features bright white interiors accented by natural wood elements, offering a serene backdrop for your beach vacation. Each of the five bedrooms is a suite unto itself, complete with private luxury baths, ensuring the comfort of up to fourteen guests. With multi-level verandas offering sweeping views of the tranquil coastal dune lake, you'll find the ambiance irresistibly calming. For added leisure, the top floor hosts a sun deck and a cozy den equipped with a wet bar and wall-mounted flatscreen TV, perfect for winding down after a day on the lake or at the beach. As a guest, you'll have access to Grayton Landing's community pool and fishing docks. This unique property promises not just a stay, but a sublime Grayton Beach experience.

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Gulf Trace Grayton Beach

The tranquil, family-friendly neighborhood of Gulf Trace offers a unique sanctuary just half a mile west of bustling downtown Grayton Beach. Tucked between state parks on three sides and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, this secluded enclave promises an unparalleled level of privacy and exclusivity. Gulf Trace is a community that knows how to blend the best of both worlds—sophisticated coastal interiors and the rustic beauty of nature. With short strolls to your own almost-private beach and shimmering private pools, relaxation is more than a promise; it's a way of life. Here, each property is graced with expansive porches that offer sweeping views and direct beach access. We are delighted to feature a selection of our most coveted properties in this peaceful oasis for your consideration.

Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze Grayton Beach

5 Bedrooms / 4 Full & 1 Half Bathrooms / 14 Guests

Gulf Breeze reimagines the classic 30A beach cottage with a modern, crisp twist. This stunning vacation home strikes a balance between sleek architecture and laid-back comfort. With its clean lines both inside and out—from the expansive pool area to the inviting living room—this home radiates a bright, uplifting ambiance that sets the perfect backdrop for your vacation masterpiece. Whether you're lounging poolside or enjoying the well-designed interiors, Gulf Breeze ensures that every moment of your stay is one to remember.

Lone Star

4 Bedrooms / 4 Full & 1 Half Bathrooms / 12 Guests

Lone Star lives up to the Texas tradition of "bigger is better," offering expansive spaces both inside and out. This Gulf Trace home is practically as much porch as it is living space, providing plenty of room for everyone to relax, whether you prefer a sunny or shady spot outdoors. As a fun touch, the home boasts one of the largest dining room tables you'll find, rivaling even the legendary Red Bar! Inside, the ambiance is cozy yet cool, featuring comfortable furnishings and tasteful decor. But what truly steals the show is the property's proximity to the white sandy shore—just a few steps away, making Lone Star an unbeatable choice for beach lovers.

Lazy Days

Lazy Days Grayton Beach

3 Bedrooms / 2 Full & 1 Half Bathrooms / 9 Guests

Lazy Days offers an elevated beach experience—quite literally. Set atop pylons that lift you into the tree canopy of the dunes; this rental home provides not just breathtaking views of the award-winning Grayton Beach State Park but also a unique vantage point for observing local wildlife like birds and butterflies. The property boasts an expansive porch perfect for taking in the sublime Gulf views, while the interiors are awash in natural light, making for a radiant and inviting atmosphere. It's a home where every day feels like a lazy, blissful vacation day, with arguably one of the best views in all of Grayton Beach.

Grayton Beach with Ocean Reef

Grayton Beach Guests

Discover the essence of coastal living in Grayton Beach, a destination where natural beauty and laid-back charm coalesce into an idyllic beachside haven. From our award-winning beaches to the friendly, artistic community, Grayton offers a rich tapestry of experiences that go beyond the conventional vacation. Savor delectable local cuisine, explore rare coastal dune lakes, and revel in the stunning vistas of emerald waters meeting sugar-white sands. It's no wonder that Grayton Beach consistently earns top accolades, including a coveted spot on Dr. Beach's list of Best US Beaches. Don't just take our word for it—book your next Grayton Beach vacation with us and immerse yourself in the unique allure of this coastal paradise. Experience firsthand why this gem on Florida's 30A is not just a place to stay, but a place to truly live.

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